Thank you so much for everyone who wished me well and sent their love for my back procedure today 🤍🙏🏼 I hope this day has found you as well as possible. I feel so lucky to have so much amazing support and a soft, safe place to land ❤️you all are such a blessing.

Most of us have been on a very long road with our health/illness/pain journeys and can handle a lot. I’ve had 5 spinal fusion/si joint surgeries and today was my 31st outpatient procedure. I was not nervous, anxious or scared for this today. I was quite hopeful and eager for good results.

I can say that aside from my fusion surgeries, this was THE most painful injection/outpatient procedure I’ve ever had‼️I was wailing, flailing, bawling and asked for more sedation (didn’t get it) because felt like complete torture and agonizing pain ❌ after it was done the pain kicked up over a ten (I almost never use a ten) and at this point I was panicked and engulfed by this pain.😢

They left me with a caprisun juice and walked away, couldn’t get anyone to address what was happening. I texted my mom and she contacted the office manager. Then I did get a small IV of a pain med but it didn’t touch the pain, it was that bad. I asked to go home, in the car I had to use my rescue meds and it still didn’t help the pain.

I’m icing and now in bed snuggling with my Poppy girl 🐕I can only pray this result means the dr is in the right place. I remain hopeful but more uneasy about his next treatment plan. I need a long term solution… I can’t keep getting these painful injections with no pain relief. I will recouperate and recalibrate and come up with my next game plan✊🏼I’ve come too far to stop now.

My heart goes out to everyone struggling today or feeling frustrated and exhausted. We’re all in this together ❤️🙏🏼 Thanks so much for listening my mighty friends 🤍 #ChronicPain #BackPain #sciatica #SacroilliacJointPain #spinefracture #FailedBackSurgery #Anxiety #RheumatoidArthritis #MastCellActivationDisorder