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My daughter's attitude

My daughter live with her mom and stepdad full time. We have joint custody, but I'll spare you the whole story and summarize by saying the divorce was amicable and we agreed at the time that she'd stay with her mom. So my daughter is with me roughly every other weekend.

But lately she has started to have a real nasty attitude. Much of the nastiness is directed at her stepsister. My wife has a daughter from a previous relationship as well. They are nearly the same age. My daughter can be very rude and insulting at times. Very condescending. Unpleasant. Saying things like "choke and die" or "I'm smarter than you cuz I know my multiplication tables".

My stepdaughter usually just brushes it off but I'm also sure it is having an impact on her at some level.

I've brought it up with her when picking her up and taking her home trying to figure out why, and I don't get anything out of her. I've brought it up with her mom and that just seems to not go anywhere.

I know she's dealing with some things (her grandma is dying of cancer and lives with them and of course her mom and I getting a divorce about 5 years ago and then me getting remarried and bringing a stepsister into the mix), so I'm sure those things are contributing factors. Plus puberty.

We're firm about not being like that at our house, but It still happens sometimes. It causes issues between my wife and I as well cuz she doesn't seem to think I'm doing enough to stop it and I am literally doing everything I can and also trying to get to the root causes of it so I can actually maybe help my daughter come to grips with whatever it is that may ultimately be bothering her.

I'm mostly just venting... But any advice or thoughts are welcome too... Ugh... #puberty #Parenting #stepdad #exhausted

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grateful for my stepdad❤️

so my step dad’a daughter is older and giving him hell she’s always making troubles at work and not heing stable. mean while my step dad did noy let that affect his relationship with my sister and i. he helps and studies WITH my sister french law. and always available for mec he listens advices gives me life rules and work ethics and help me make decision so am not actually mad my dad is an asshole. i have my step dad even if he’s not affectionate and a bit shy. #grateful #stepdad #stepparents #Life #LifeLessons