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PCOS and strech marks as my scars

I was a small girl that came from a broken family. I was great in hiding this fact, until I became 13 years old.
I had a very skinny body, then I gained about 25 kg in one year because of PCOS. This huge hormonal change left me with many strech marks, dark spots and body shame. I am not sick anymore but deep inside I think I am ugly. I hate to touch my marks. I hate my body fats. Even after losing weight I still feel that I am in a bad shape. I can't accept what happened. I have not heal from this yet.

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Strech Marks #strechmarks #Selflove

As a person with HEDs, I have a fair few strech marks and I love them!! I saw an image like this one here one day and it completely changed my perspective of them, I absolutely adore my shiney little stripes!!

(disclaimer: this image isn’t mine)

#stretchmarks #HEDS #EDSAwareness #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Hypermobility #Selflove