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Suboxone & Tooth Decay #suboxone #ReckittBenckiser

Good morning to all. I want to possibly bring more awareness to the issue of what the medication Suboxone is doing to peoples teeth, including myself. I’ve been in recovery since 2007 with being prescribed this medication for the past 7 years. I’m now just learning of all the havoc it creates - cracking, crumbling, falling out like apples dropping from a shaken tree, rotting, etc. I’m sure I will receive a lot of backlash for this, but it’s okay. I used to have nice teeth until 3 years ago when my teeth went on a rampant mission of creating a lot of cavities and falling out. And this issue isn’t just happening to people in recovery, as it’s also happening to people who are prescribed this medication for pain. I am so tired of hearing - You should’ve taken much better care of your teeth. My teeth were FINE 3 years ago. So I’m really hoping others will jump aboard and help bring more awareness to this harsh concern.

#suboxone #ReckittBenckiser #Addiction #Recovery

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Discrimination from Dr.s because I'm opioid dependant.



I am a 55 year old woman who has multiple health issues. I've been a chronic bronchitis kid and allergy riddled. I outgrew both. I spent my twenties traveling around the states, no health issues for years. I was molested as a child by a family friends son from age 6 to 8. We moved by it took me 20 years to tell my parents. I have had anxiety, shame guilt daily since i was 6. I self medicated with alcohol at first. My ex father in law was a pharmacist. Got all 10 of his kids hooked on pain pills and daughter in laws. One passed from a heroin OD and my ex did as well. I had been treated for my severe sleep disorders, REM behavior, severe obstructive and Central sleep apnea, NarcolepsyADHD, depression, anxiety. Heart Disease (sick sinus syndrome) pacemaker dependant, Hypothyroidism, I got help for opioid dependency on my own. 2012 I stated at the methadone clinic, weaned off of that but would still go into withdrawal switching to suboxone. I couldn't handle it do I just about went back to methadone. They gave me Subutex which has no ingredient that will out you into withdrawal if you use an opioid. I'm not sure why they have the medication with this indigent, your receptors won't receive any opioids so they would do nothing. Before the crisis of Drs over prescribing opioids, I was being treated for my sleep disorders, able to use my cpap on 30mg temazepam at night. I was taking 30 my adderall and together i could function! Up at 5 am walk the dog work 40 hours a week, Next i know the Drs didn't want to participate in the substance abuse problem, I am classified as "in remission" because it isn't a phat of my life. I take about 10 my subutex daily. Very low. These doctors are changing constantly being on Medicaid. So i am only being treated for hypothyroidism. I wake up at the ATM to policemen shining a flashlight in my face August 2019. I still haven't gone to trial. An "informant" called 911 about a woman unconscious in a beat up old truck. I left home at 10:30 pm and its after 1 pm. I ha never done that before, in didn't know i had narcolepsy but they took away my medications. I am not replacing one opioid for another, I don't get high and I don't want too! They went as far as reassessing me as bi polar and giving me lithium. Apparently it's a well known fact that it can cause thyroid disease so he shouldn't have given it to me. My edema has not gone, my ankle feels sprained,hair loss, depression is unbearable. My blood results showed my thyroid test at a 2 before taking it, Three months later is at an 11. Obviously, it was the lithium, they didn't discuss my results with me, tried blaming my heart. I had to ask them to increase my levothyroxine. I need to see a thyroid specialist but have not gotten that referral. I have treatable medical conditions. I don't have any desire not will to wake up. #colorado discrimination attorney #medical malpractice #colorado #


Question about suboxone

Does anyone know if doctors prescribe suboxone if someone is addicted to alcohol? #suboxone #Addiction #Alcoholism