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    The Case of the Mysterious Malady

    So I have a problem. And before anyone comments, “just go to the doctor!” I am trying but I live in America with crappy insurance so it’s… difficult.

    Anyway, all my life I’ve had fatigue, brain fog, and social anxiety. So I’m used to panic attacks and all that. But the past couple of years symptoms seem to have skyrocketed to what feels like an actual illness but nothing I’ve researched seems to perfectly fit. I was wondering if anyone on here has had this myriad of issues to help ease my mind that I’m not dying until I can get to a doctor:

    Fatigue is present always, along with anxiety. Like, the jitteriness NEVER lets up. I’ve also developed constant dizziness. It feels like the earth is moving beneath me when I stand and walk and I also always veer to the left, so when I walk I look drunk. There’s also what feels like leg weakness. And when I stand my chest is heavy and I can’t take a deep breath until I’ve sat down for at least an hour.

    Then, on what seems to be part of my monthly cycle during my period of ovulation and my actual period my heart RAMPS up. My resting on a good day is 73bpm. During these periods it stays at a constant 100-125bpm. It’s gotten as high as 160. But after this period it always goes back to normal. I also get even more anxious and emotional during these times and my previously listed symptoms get a thousand times worse.

    I also get very hot very easily. Like, I have to stand in the freezer at work in the winter to feel normal type of hot. I lost like 50lbs very quickly during the onset of all these symptoms and now I’m always hungry. I also developed light sensitivity to where it hurts sometimes to watch my favorite superhero movies.

    There’s also times where it sort of feels like I’m out of my body? I can’t really describe this sensation other than a combo of not being in reality and mildly losing my mind. But then the sensation passes and I’m just left in a weirder brain fog.

    Has anyone else had this and did you ever get it diagnosed? The closest thing I’ve been able to find is a thyroid condition. It covers the heat and light sensitivity. But is it possible this is all just anxiety in it’s most annoying form? I just need reassurance.

    Thanks for reading! #Anxiety #Hormones #thyroid #medical #Dizziness #BrainFog #weakness #Fatigue

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    Idiotic and tactless comments #medical #surgical #BreastCancer #Recovery #cowdens Syndrome #Caregiver #Mastectomy #Laugh

    Some ppl feel the need to fill the air with words. Some feel the need to reassure themselves that whatever challenge you have is your fault and they are protected, and some are just stupid tactless and mean. Whatever the reason ppl sometimes say things that are rather jarring in their sparkling incredible….. instead of crying let’s laugh at it
    I’ll start
    1. Post mastectomy and reconstruction: is that really the size you wanted? If you had the option???
    2. My cowdens kid exhibits some symptoms consistent with autism: “ is he vaxed?”

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    How To Get Medical Marijuana Card in California?

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    I excessively pick my skin but especially my scalp. I have very sore areas all over my head with raised bumps and open sores as well as older scabs and it hurts and throbs but I still go back to picking. It’s definitely not as bad when I have acrylic extensions on but I hate feeling like I have to get them done for this reason when sometimes I don’t want to. It’s been a week without them on and my scalp is in a state!!! If anyone has any tips or advice….. when my scalp is too sore to pick I then go to my skin any bumps or imperfections I find. Washing my head burns. I’ve done it since a child and I don’t know how to stop it. I try fidgeting with other things but it doesn’t do it. I even do it in my sleep and when driving. Again, any help would be appreciated! Sorry for the long medical post #OCD #dermotillomania #skinpicking #medical #MentalHealth


    Incompetence of Mental health support - watching yourself going mad

    #mental health #medical incompetence #Depression

    There comes a point when a person is so prepared for the incompetence of the staff they are working with, they feel like the lead practitioner in the room. I want to write an article for Mighty on my experiences of four years of fighting for some form of formal diagnosis and what I have learnt since. Today was abominable.

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    Talk About It Tuesday: Self-Advocacy

    This week, we’re talking about self-advocacy.

    The topic this week is self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is the capability of expressing and advocating for your own needs and desires so that you can enjoy the same options, opportunities, and rights as everyone else.

    As a person with diabetes, that means expressing the need to and advocating:

    - the choice to choose a diabetes management treatment that works for you
    - the right to refuse a treatment
    - same access to affordable and quality care and medications
    - the right to a second medical opinion
    - against personal medical discrimination in healthcare, workplace of school

    Share a time when you had to advocate for yourself. What happened and what was the outcome?

    #DiabetesType2 #Diabetes #ChronicIllness #PatientAdvocacy #medical #Health


    What is the best place to buy medication online?

    #Medicine #medical #pharmacy