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    Feeling lost

    Feeling very lost and discouraged in my chronic pain journey. I've tried all sorts of treatments and so far nothing has helped. Any suggestions? I'm in the process of getting my medical marijuana card and will try that next, but am very uncertain if that will help since CBD gave me acid reflux and digestive issues. Trying to be positive but feeling pessimistic about it. :(
    Feeling lost #Need encouragement #all over pain #depressed #tired #medical marijuana #treatments #chronic pain

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    I excessively pick my skin but especially my scalp. I have very sore areas all over my head with raised bumps and open sores as well as older scabs and it hurts and throbs but I still go back to picking. It’s definitely not as bad when I have acrylic extensions on but I hate feeling like I have to get them done for this reason when sometimes I don’t want to. It’s been a week without them on and my scalp is in a state!!! If anyone has any tips or advice….. when my scalp is too sore to pick I then go to my skin any bumps or imperfections I find. Washing my head burns. I’ve done it since a child and I don’t know how to stop it. I try fidgeting with other things but it doesn’t do it. I even do it in my sleep and when driving. Again, any help would be appreciated! Sorry for the long medical post #OCD #dermotillomania #skinpicking #medical #MentalHealth

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    Incompetence of Mental health support - watching yourself going mad

    #mental health #medical incompetence #Depression

    There comes a point when a person is so prepared for the incompetence of the staff they are working with, they feel like the lead practitioner in the room. I want to write an article for Mighty on my experiences of four years of fighting for some form of formal diagnosis and what I have learnt since. Today was abominable.

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    Talk About It Tuesday: Self-Advocacy

    <p>Talk About It Tuesday: Self-Advocacy</p>
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    Drs Drs everywhere #

    #medical world spins to a different 🥁. They figure they're schedule is more important than yours as a patient managing multiple Drs .
    Medical stuff is traumatic for me! Born 3 mos early @ 1 1/2 #. Died many times my first year while in hospital. Will be 70 at Halloween 🎃, but many times wonder why I fight a system that seems to be against me!

    I fought off breast cancer 17 yrs ago too.
    Any thoughts?