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    How to be quiet

    My boss told me I’m to much, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and people don’t know how to handle me. Now all I want are walls, I don’t want them to touch me, to get near me. I want silence. I don’t have their respect anyway, so why do they deserve my words any more?

    After all, I’m too emotional. (Their words not mine)

    I hate that they think I wanted this, I didn’t I was so much happier before. Yes I listen and do my job, they thought I wanted this promotion. That’s the problem. No one stopped to consider what I wanted, my happiness.

    But now, now they blame me. I’m ungrateful, I’m just one second from a meltdown. I’ve become my mental health...sickness. That’s all they see, not that they made this choice of my behalf. They see my sadness but call me selfish.

    I’m taking control back. First my words. Then my job.

    #CheckInWithMe #TheSilence #hurting #Anxiety #Depression #sad #alone #MentalHealth #GriefWork


    On top of the issues I had already attempted to deal with, corruption and injustice is by far the most dehabilitating condition one eventually succums too. It's the silence, when you are screaming out what is wrong.
    It's that intuituve gut feeling that you get when the whole room is staring at you in disgustvas loud as possible. For fear of letting it be true, you lie to your self and make believe it's all in your head.
    It's the victim (your own flesh and blood) that is decieved, because the child's story didn't remain as perfect as it was 2 long trying years ago.
    The worst reality to live in, is the reality that is corrupt/ You lie to yourself, they won't believe you, you are really just crazy. Thier eyes peer through the back of my head as I gather my loyalty, my grace, and dignity and continue about my broken destroyed life. How could the man my child adores, and believed to be her hero... Secretly get away with destroying our world's, her future, her spirt her mind. How has he always managed to win, and then call us crazy? It's the corruption, the silence, the injustice, that makes the broken completely crack. Except me, I had been waging this war since birth.
    Resilient hearts became the foundation upon which she built her new paradise. Love always wins. Stay Strong.
    #Corrupt #TheSilence #victimorsurvivor #Victims Mom