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Notifications not working on mighty app?

Any thoughts anyone? Tried reinstalling it. I don't know what to do :(

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Is Anyone Having Trouble with Notifications? #TheMighty #TheMightyApp #App

I've had notifications stop suddenly several times. I notify tech help for the app and it's usually fixed within a few days.

My last notifications shown were three days ago. I contacted help a couple of days ago, so I'm sure it'll be fixed soon, but I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


Glitches with #TheMightyApp

I can’t update my bio (it’s glitched to contain symbols I didn’t put there) and every time I try and correct it, I hit the ‘save’ button and I get a spinning blue wheel. The app also is slow to load and I have to keep closing the app (completely closing it) and trying my luck again. It’s not working.

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My saving grace.

I appreciate wholeheartedly the advice I received from my previous post. It’s so nice to not feel alone. I’m glad I found this platform 2 days ago, because I literally felt I had nobody to talk to about my feelings. Maybe, through each of you, I’ll find the strength to do what’s best for me and my daughters. Today’s a new day, it was very hard to get out of bed, but my daughters always keep me going and make me feel so loved. Gonna start today with gratitude.

“A daughter is God’s way of saying, ‘thought you could use a lifelong friend.”

#Depression #Anxiety #’mentalhealth #Bipolar #TheMightyApp


This question is about likes ❤ on #TheMightyApp . Is it possible to see who likes stuff? I want to experience connections with like minded people.



Photo issue with app

Anyone else having problems posting photos? When I tap the add photo icon it only let's me access my camera not any photos or pictures I've saved to my gallery/phone. #strugglin #TheMightyApp


A question about confidentiality on The Mighty

I am still fairly new to The Mighty and just had a question: are the thoughts and questions we post on here protected by any sort of confidentiality? Just asking because I have noticed that some of the thoughts can be really personal and I was just wondering about confidentiality.




You know, This is the only 'blog' site i know that people actually reply or CARE about. Also for the fact that the people i am trying to connect with are people who can relate to each other.
Also its very easy to navigate and understand.
CHUR! #TheMightyApp #connecting #people #MentalHealth


God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers

being vulnerable. it’s one of the things we wanted to share specially with the people we love and trust the most right? however, i feel like it’s also one of the hardest thing to do. specially when vulnerability meant dropping your weapon, removing your armor and showing them the wounds, bruises and scars. but what made it the most difficult thing to do is not them seeing you as “YOU” in the moment. it is them seeing the “you now” versus “their own version” of you stuck in their head. the version they made themselves believe brought out from their old shallow memories. a version that has long been gone, a version they knew that no longer exist. because when you were fighting those battles of your own, they haven’t seen the battleground you set your foot on. and no one understands the struggle of a fighter unless they have seen the war. so you choose to stand with your armor on in front of the people you love. because removing an armor is more difficult than explaining them why you’re wearing one. and you hope that one day, you’ll find people who wear the same armor as you. and it will be easier to share them the war you’ve been through. it might take time. but i’m sure there are few.

ps. thankfully i’ve met so many soldiers from this app. shout out to all of you. hang on!
#MentalHealth #fighter #TheMightyApp #Depression #Anxiety