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I can't connect with my children unless I'm connected to myself

I've just joined The Mighty community and was thrilled to find this group! I love all the real and honest reflections.

I'm mum to two beautiful, adopted children who are both exquisitely sensitive and struggle to regulate their intense emotions. The greatest gift they have given me is bringing me to the end of myself to a place where I've had to search deep within to be able to meet them with the genuineness and authenticity that they so badly need.

I've realized in such a profound way that we need to love and embrace our own inner child if we are ever going to be able to connect with the children in our care. #authentic #Parenting #SpecialNeeds #SpecialNeedsParenting #MentalHealth #connecting #Children #Grace #genuine #innerchild

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You know, This is the only 'blog' site i know that people actually reply or CARE about. Also for the fact that the people i am trying to connect with are people who can relate to each other.
Also its very easy to navigate and understand.
CHUR! #TheMightyApp #connecting #people #MentalHealth


#52SmallThings #connecting Day 1-2

I’m doing two days of this in one because I forgot to say that I connected with the outer world yesterday at my work and I connected with my family today. Doing good today and I’m thankful for #TheGoodDoctor tonight and other amazing things I will do today. #ThankfulTrain


Deeper Connection

Well, this didn't happen this week, but I did make a deeper connection with my circle of friends. I have three friends. We've been close for five years. I've never shared with them about my anxiety (GAD) and depression (persistent depressive disorder). I was scared to. The stigma, I had convinced myself I would lose the friendships had with all of them. They would see me as messed up and flawed. These mental illnesses have been part of my life since I was 9. One day I want to tell them this story too. I've got to heal first. I've only been facing it and working on for the last four years. I still have lots of work to do.
My friends were great. The total opposite reaction. I have their support and love. I really don't know how to handle it. I haven't had such positive support.
#52SmallThings #connecting