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    Are you a fighter...?

    Short answer: yes. You've made it here to read this.
    Long answer:
    There has been millions who couldn't make it this far, but you did.
    Some drowned in their own tears, but you swam through them.
    Others were overcome with the weight of their lives And are crushed. Tou? When you couldn't run, you walked; when you couldn't walk, you stumbled; When stumbling became to much you crawled into a wheelchair and rolled on.
    You fought on.
    Here's a song that shows that and so much more: #fighter

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Crochet_awaythepain. I'm here because sometimes you just need others that understand on a different level.

    #MightyTogether #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis #Depression #IBS , #fighter

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    Fibro Mitto Seizures pots and more

    I always thought I was the only one till I read peoples post gosh really is ungodly day to day but really minute to minute Thanks for the join. Mel #Spoonie #Breathe #warrior #fighter

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    Here’s 3 key lessons I picked up from Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training (SERE):

    1. Never give up

    2. Be thankful for your freedom each day

    3. Respect and appreciate all who fight and sacrifice for the freedoms of our nation

    These lessons alongside SERE training as a whole go a long way in maintaining internal control when going through hardships. Overtime, you learn to meet conflict and challenges head-on. Survival training introduced me to the warrior within myself, a warrior I was reacquainted to when recovering from stroke and paralysis. You have your own warrior inside! It’s time to tap into your own strength. You have the will within!

    #warrior #innerstrength #fighter #Soldiers #AirForceVet #ProgressIsProgress #DisabledLivesMatter #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward

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    Question: What does my previous job in aviation have to do with recovering from a devastating trauma? Well, it’s actually quite interesting.

    Being part of a flight crew in my career in the aviation industry isn’t really about what seat you sit in to move an aircraft safely from one place to another. It’s about your teamwork, situational awareness, how you communicate effectively with others, the willingness to always learn more, thinking ahead and from many different angles, being an optimist and never giving up despite all the odds that might be mounting against you, and most of all, how to stay alive no matter what threats stand before you.

    When I think about communicating my restrictions for instance and how I might need help reducing them, my thoughts instantly went to how I would articulate and build a picture in the other person’s mind much as I would do if I were speaking on a radio in the airplane. Imagine while you’re flying over a foreign country that you’re talking to someone you can’t see and their country‘s language is different from your own. Now think about talking in detail in the fewest words possible that are absolutely matter of fact as you speak to that Air Traffic Controller. Doing that successfully in an airplane for years made it much easier years later with my disability and speaking to a therapist standing in front of me. If I can speak in a language that you anticipate then we can work more effectively and avoid assumptions. This also helps you feel like your getting somewhere in your recovery efforts and less like your stuck in a holding pattern. Something else that’s positive and comes from learning to speak in your therapist’s language, like anatomy for instance, is that it gives you something beneficially new to learn which positively occupies your time when you’re not in therapy.

    #Warrior #innerstrength #fighter #SoldersMentality #AirForceVet #ProgressIsProgress #DisabledLivesMatter #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #Finding_Forward


    Thursday evening

    Tense times! Some people have to always be RIGHT! No attempt at correcting that belief, they hear nothing from anyone!
    #check in with me, #Distract me, #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia , ##Survivor , #fighter , #positethougtsofthe da,
    Rambling so going to sign off mighties. Take care and thanks for being here.

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    Saturday relaxing 😎

    Took a good walk early morning to several places and scored on coupons. Our weather in my part of Oregon is abnormally calm and fairly dry. Allowing me to get things done on my weekends even with out my caregiver.
    Drinking coffee with coconut milk and brown sugar for an awesome latte.
    I connected with someone last night that awesome in her story. Brought tears of joy n pain cuz so much rang true. for me.
    I'm a double Survivor
    Breast Cancer 17 yrs
    Rape several times

    #Bipolar #mighty together #Distract me #daily reflections and
    #fighter #caring ##forgiving #
    been using my coloring apps on my phone to distract and for grounding against flashbacks! I'm sjournalo glad I found the mighty. People that get it! That live it!
    Thank you mighties for being here.
    We ROCK ##positive thought of the day #Never iveUp #Fibromyalgia #

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    Others have it worse-and-your pain is valid!YES! I always need this reminder! And I DO know more from living through my journey! I think many of us do

    I found this a few days ago ...I really needed to read it and process it ... I love all of them … many share how I try to live my life! The second to last one really rang especially true for me right now - it is a great reminder to be gentle and kind to myself as I accept things as they are …its a hot topic for me right now! I just really beat myself up about it, journaled about it, and talked about it twice to a good friend and my therapist just in the last week.

    How I have had pain much worse before during my dark days in the past but currently have friends and family who have it worse than me right now, that I see that and say I should be able to handle this current pain because I’ve survived those times and dealt with that higher level of pain too.

    But I have to remind myself that when I did go through those (life threatening) experiences in my past I was totally dependent on others, had no responsibilities, nothing to worry about, my only focus was just staying alive! Now I live alone, lead an active and productive life (mostly) and the current pain still affects me day to day! Bottom line, I have to consistently remind myself it's all relative...And valid! #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #VestibularMigraine #BackPain #neckpain #PainManagement #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #MentalHealth #mentalhealthwarrior #MentalHealthHero #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #SOBER #HIVAIDS #happy #resilient #positiveattitude #fighter #overcome