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Pain and Love of the Outdoors

I am 24 and have always loved sports and the outdoors. I grew up extremely athletic and while I was always in some amount of pain and frequently endured injuries, I persisted because I loved it so much. I no longer play any sports but my favorite thing in the world is hiking and backpacking. The backcountry is the only place in the world where my anxiety relaxes and I feel truly at peace (the constant buzz of electricity is quelled). However, more and more frequently, debilitating pain stops me in my tracks. Some days are fine and I am able to do these activities but other days I am unable to walk simply after working all day. When I was younger I could grit my teeth and make it happen; now, I am simply unable to do things. I have had a lifelong dream of hiking the Continental Divide Trail but I am coming to terms with the fact that this may be impossible for me.

I guess this rant has to do with the question of should I use the rest of my body while I still can or aim for longevity? Should I continue to do the things I love for the next couple of years? Will the earth even be hike-able in the future anyway?

Additionally, my partner and I have always dreamt of hiking and backpacking together for as long as we are able and I feel constantly guilty that I will hold him back.

An aside: I am really struggling with envy toward able bodied people who choose to not be active with their bodies. I know that not everyone loves activity and the outdoors but it really stings when they can and I feel robbed.

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Dinner with a view ....

Already dreading thinking about needing to leave tomorrow and back to normality ....
Have had the best and well needed break i have had in a very long time ,my anxiety hasn't been anywhere near as often or reoccurring as normal ,I have truly realised its so important to just take time like this anychance you can to have YOU time and enjoy the quiet ......

Hope everyone is safe and having a nice weekend 😊 ❤

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