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    the day suddenly turned into a funny beginning

    I came back from the city to spend the weekend at home.
    Today everyone has stuff to do, so I'm alone.
    Coming back from my alone life in the city to be alone again kinda felt a bit disappointing, for a while; at the beginning.

    I was rehearsing my to do list and checking my surrounding, ackowledging the presence of my pets, when I said to myself:
    "Ce, you have spent two years like this, alone at home. Don't you dare telling me you don't know how to engage in self-time".
    Eheh, it suddently has become funny.
    I may be laughing in tiny.!

    I'm preparing a 1l kettle of tea, I'm gonna take a shower (when I'll feel ready to, though), fix my hair, I'm gonna try and reply to my penpal's letter, study a bit, take a walk, maybe with my dog, try and take some autumn pictures again, listen to some music and sing along; I have two biscuits and a little bunch of chestnuts to eat and my cats. Plus, I could come up with many more activities, so, yep, I'm finding it funny that for a moment I have been feeling sad at the idea of spending the majority of this day alone.
    Now I can't wait to do all of these stuff while being alone.
    [I'm so used to be alone that this is obviously the reason why I was feeling sad. But between this and stating that I don't know what to do alone there's a huge gap; I wasn't paying attention ^^]

    I'm gonna enjoy myself and any thing I'll have around.



    #alone #Loneliness #Metime #ME #Pets #Hobby #Selfcare #Alonetime

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    Self care

    Self care is soo important showers and baths are my happy place and after wards it's face mask and hair care it sounds a lot but I love it !! And during the day organizing and cleaning and getting things done always keeping busy is good and it also helps !! #Selfcare #Showers #Metime

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    Running helps me sort stuff out N my head . #Metime #TimeWithGod

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    Dinner with a view ....

    Already dreading thinking about needing to leave tomorrow and back to normality ....
    Have had the best and well needed break i have had in a very long time ,my anxiety hasn't been anywhere near as often or reoccurring as normal ,I have truly realised its so important to just take time like this anychance you can to have YOU time and enjoy the quiet ......

    Hope everyone is safe and having a nice weekend 😊 ❤

    #youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #DistractMe #TheMighties #Insomnia #dailycheckin #theoutdoors #Metime

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    Take time to recharge #recharge #Selfcare #Depression #SocialAnxiety #Metime

    Sometimes the world can be too much.
    Sometimes the people we surround ourselves with can drain our batteries.
    There is no shame in staying in and being with yourself.
    You will be in a better headspace when it comes time to 'people.'
    Take care of you. On your lonesome. Whatever that may look like. xo #unwind #Anxiety

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    is anyone else taking a much needed mom/dad break this weekend?? #breaktime #winddown #Metime


    Long day

    Today felt like the longest day I’ve had all month. My students were getting on my last nerve and I am behind in my paperwork. I have zero motivation to get it done and don’t know how to tell my team. Then I got home and laid down and I didn’t want to get back up. Thankfully my girlfriend was here to motivate me and get me out the door for my second job. I just want to be selfish and not go to work but I know my students and clients need me... trying to relax now with face mask and movie night . Thank god my girlfriend knows how to help me relax! Hoping I have more motivation tomorrow.. #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PosttraumaticStressDisiroder #Metime


    Nap time

    Today I'm letting myself take a nap. I used to avoid sleeping during the day like it was a weak thing to do or9 something. Then I had a change in shifts at work for a few months that meant I was napping nearly every day, without fail. Now, sometimes I want to nap but I usually feel like I've got so much to do and think about that I just don't have the time.
    Today I call bulls**t on that. It's my day off, I already kept an appointment this morning and now I want to nap. Why do I feel the need to justify it anyway? I don't want to fall back in to the habit of sleeping most of my days away, but going cold turkey on R&R is not the way forward!

    I encourage everyone to take a little time out of their day and just do something for themselves, be it napping for an hour or two, watching an episode of a favourite show or just sitting quiet for five minutes with a cuppa or a brew. Sweet dreams! 😴💕

    #Depression #Anxiety #Sleep #Metime


    I’m tired that I’m always the one making effort to my family

    I had plans for the weekend which would give me joy but so far I haven’t managed to do any of that as I am making all the efforts for the family. I’m getting very frustrated... as I don’t have me time lately #Metime #Family #relationship