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    Inspirational Quote

    Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the past? Or do you stay up at night thinking about the day? Do you spend your days thinking about things that happened days or weeks ago?

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    If only it was as easy to let go of past experiences as it is to forget the milk at the store. If it all just turned yellow and illegible like thermal paper in the sun. But there are some things that are just tethered, creating carbon fiber ligaments.
    I don't want to be that anymore, I don't want to live there anymore. That kind of mental distortion dials a person's perspective back and suddenly you start seeing the dots and stop seeing the picture.
    But knowing myself the way I do. I'll hold on until I don't. I will until I won't. And only then will I leave my suitcase of trama at baggage claim.
    #Depression #Anxiety #thepast #MentalHealth #Poetry



    Drowning.... everyday tears keep rolling even when there’s no control.
    You would never know what the pain someone is experiencing without stopping by while driving .. everything just keeps going.. it’s bad when it’s gotten to the point of where you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror . You can’t even function during the day. The sadness, confusion, questioning and anger all stream from inside. Everything hurts yet you can’t do a damn thing about it. You try to talk about it but it doesn’t really matter to no one. Not even the one who you thought you could count on..
    #ptsd #thepast



    last week it all went from 2-3 a night and now , when you have four flashbacks including nightmares , and can’t get out of them , can’t remember them(some) and when you wake up your mind hurts, headache , but I’m feeling less fatigue today which is better. just a lot to wrap my head around , here’s to an intense week number 4 or 5, can’t remember . let’s hope it’s not nightly of this. any one else have it this bad?! #PTSD #thepast