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I’m flipping out!!!

So I have been dealing with chronic pain from myofacial syndrome, Sjögren’s, deteriorating spine, surgery on said spine, migraines, and various other stupid issues for the last 15-20 years. Now 4 wks ago I had a mini stroke. And had a ct for that. They said there was no bleed that they could see but were ordering a mri to look further. Today my Dr calls and wants to discuss the ct. she says I have a 1cm tumour in the frontal lobe. Since the stroke I have had headaches every day from 2pm ish into the night. Gone by morning. She says it all could be tied in together. I’m losing my mind now. There is so much that has been going one for last few years that was leading to this but I blew it off. What do I do now?????? #myofacial #TIA #MiniStroke #Tumor #sjogrens #Migraine #Cancer

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#service Dog #Mack #pumpkins

Mack knows when I'm having a really difficult day, which is everyday. He loves hugs, cuddling & smiles like crazy..
Most days I hate my life & what it's become. I miss the old me.
I was supposed to have TILF surgery with revisions to a failed lumbar fusion adding more hardware, rods, bone grafts , 3 more discs & more. It's been cancelled 5 times in under 2 yrs due to so many other health problems/issues. I was finally ready, healthy, had my mindset for it in March. Then Covid19 came along cancelling it again. Last month it was going to happen then I got sick again with bronchitis. I feel as if something is telling me it's not the right time. I'm back to the drawing board. I started at the MS Center & next month we're going to discuss treatment options. But my last brain scans picked up another tumor. It also showed I had another TIA within the past 6 months, I thought it was anxiety attack or a MS hug. Nov 1999 I had a craniotomy to remove a brain tumor. Here I go again. I've been so depressed & anxiety is running wild. My mind isn't in the right place. I don't think I'm going to have the TILF surgery anytime soon or at all. I'm not ready for it. I'll just take my chances. 😒
#ChronicPain #Depression #Anxiety #MS #diabetic . #TIA 'S