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I was driving and thinking am I bored? Hmm. Instead of thinking how bored I may be, I should think about the piles of Must Do’s I have for gazillion years. For start, what good can I do for others. #service #LiveYourPurpose #youareloved


Do service dogs really help with bringing people out of anxiety attacks?

I have anxiety and my panic attacks have been getting worse lately. I have heard that some service dogs help with panic attacks but I’m not sure what all that means. Does anyone have a service dog for their anxiety, if so has it helped and in what ways? I am getting ready to go to college and I’m scared that my attacks will just get worse and I am trying to figure out things that can help. Any advice or stories are greatly appreciated.
#Anxiety #service Dogs

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Homework Helper #service dog #dog #happy

Just a lovely picture of my SD snoozin' while I get some work done to brighten your day!

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#service Dog #Mack #pumpkins

Mack knows when I'm having a really difficult day, which is everyday. He loves hugs, cuddling & smiles like crazy..
Most days I hate my life & what it's become. I miss the old me.
I was supposed to have TILF surgery with revisions to a failed lumbar fusion adding more hardware, rods, bone grafts , 3 more discs & more. It's been cancelled 5 times in under 2 yrs due to so many other health problems/issues. I was finally ready, healthy, had my mindset for it in March. Then Covid19 came along cancelling it again. Last month it was going to happen then I got sick again with bronchitis. I feel as if something is telling me it's not the right time. I'm back to the drawing board. I started at the MS Center & next month we're going to discuss treatment options. But my last brain scans picked up another tumor. It also showed I had another TIA within the past 6 months, I thought it was anxiety attack or a MS hug. Nov 1999 I had a craniotomy to remove a brain tumor. Here I go again. I've been so depressed & anxiety is running wild. My mind isn't in the right place. I don't think I'm going to have the TILF surgery anytime soon or at all. I'm not ready for it. I'll just take my chances. 😒
#ChronicPain #Depression #Anxiety #MS #diabetic . #TIA 'S


#Standing in front of you school in your underwear. But worse.

My name is Ellie. I believe I first posted something I wrote about my #service dog, Elliot. My husband and I had just put him down.
#the first post is very hard to do. There is so much I’ve kept hidden, including myself. Too many illnesses, problems, tears, fears. I did not mention that for 12 years Apple has been working with me to try to remove a hacker(s) from my devices. This alone has kept me from reaching out.
I did not want to share my true name or face. This was my choice. But a hacker came on here and changed my email address, changed my name to
“lyndaandlab” and had posted my full name. I feel devastated.
And I don’t know the password they used to remove their/my information.
Apple has suggested I go to the FBI, this is identity theft. While I sit and cry at the unwanted exposure, my husband has talked with the FBI, and they agree, this is a valid case.

I will be opening up my original account. If anyone can help in removing those personal postings, I am begging for your help. NAMASTE, Ellie