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    Being the 'bigger person' just makes you a bigger target. I'd rather be a moving target...running away in a zigzag pattern (just like when someone is shooting at you). It's harder to hit an unpredictable moving target.

    Break your predictable patterns of behavior they have come to depend on and run far, far away. Getting repeatedly and unrelentingly 'stabbed' and 'shot' at will eventually lead to 'death' of one form or another. Toxic families are masters at 'Death by One Thousand Cuts'.

    #toxicfamilies #NarcissisticAbuse #FamilyScapegoat

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    Toxic Narcissists In Families

    someone explain to me why this family member of mine who is a TOXIC ass narcissist..
    I’m talking like gypsy rose blanchard’s mother (the mom from “mommy dead and dearest”) type of toxic.. has invented that she has cancer because no one wants to accept her apology.
    MIND YOU, her apology is saying she’s sorry for how she reacted after everyone deceived her and betrayed her. then she says we should forgive her because she’s DYING??? and how she wants to leave us with her stuff and daughter to take care of. she provided fake lab results that prompted my family to look further into.. SHE’S LYING!
    so since she was called out for lying, she’s actually doubled down on her claims and says she’s got 2 months left to live lol.
    she repeatedly calls her parents, who are in their 90s, to harass them, insult them, and humiliate them out of anger that others won’t forgive her or believe the lies. she abuses her parents, hangs up, then calls back just to curse at them again. she makes them suffer and cry all the time only pushing people further away. but guess what?
    she just pushes abuse on top of lies on top of harassment.

    #narcissit #toxicparents #toxicfamilies #manchausenbyproxy #Abuse #lies

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