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When the Family Scapegoat Is Dying

My family is treating me like a vulnerable narcissist with Munchausen Syndrome...even those who are Emergency Medical Technicians. To be clear, I have been on Social Security Disability Insurance since 2002. My family assumes this is because of mental illness; although, no one ever asked.

My disability was based upon both physical and mental health issues...a chronic pain disorder; which, causes mental distress. Since being granted SSDI, I have had one or more diagnoses added to my chart after every single one of my Medicare annual exams. Most of these diagnoses are considered disabling according to the Social Security Administration.

Over the years, unlike family members, no one ever saw me posting on Social Media every time I received a new diagnosis, when I had a medical procedure, when I had surgery, every ER visit, etc. I was never posting pleas for prayers pending outcomes of labs, imaging, or having a high risk surgery. I never posted how many times I almost died.

The only time I made a FB post about my health, until now, was when I was rigged up for outpatient EEG monitoring. I posted it with pictures because I looked hilariously pathetic. The photos went along with the story of riding the bus in this condition and the shocked reactions of the passengers. I posted this comical story in an attempt to make light of the situation and put a positive spin on it.

The only reason I'm posting about this current life-threatening illness is: !) The pathogen I am infected with is resistant to all known remedies and I'm scared 2) I am angry at the utter lack of compassion by my entire family--family of origin, adult children, and extended family.

There are many articles about when a Narcissist is aging and has failing health. Where are the articles about when the family Scapegoat is dying?

#narcissisticfamily #FamilyScapegoat #invisibledisabilities #elderabuse #lifethreateningillness



Being the 'bigger person' just makes you a bigger target. I'd rather be a moving target...running away in a zigzag pattern (just like when someone is shooting at you). It's harder to hit an unpredictable moving target.

Break your predictable patterns of behavior they have come to depend on and run far, far away. Getting repeatedly and unrelentingly 'stabbed' and 'shot' at will eventually lead to 'death' of one form or another. Toxic families are masters at 'Death by One Thousand Cuts'.

#toxicfamilies #NarcissisticAbuse #FamilyScapegoat

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Holiday Hell

I’m so happy to be back in MY HOME with my four legged family after going “home” for several days for Christmas. These people do not see me. They have an ability I cannot reach to create some faux reality of happiness. The problem is me. I see the underlying malarkey, the spending beyond means, the ridiculousness. I’ve. never been able to fake who I am. I am just so sad.

I’m 59 years old. When will I learn that you can’t get milk at the Hardware Store?

#CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #FamilyScapegoat