It took too long for dx. It took too long for Drs to finally figure me out. Now that I have proper diagnoses after about 20 years it doesn't stop amazing me what a difference it has made in my life to have effective treatments and easier communication with medical professionals.
This month is dysautonomia awareness month. Tomorrow is Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day.
Awareness is so much, both from our self advocacy side of things and Drs awareness of these complex multi systemic conditions so they can properly diagnose and manage them.
Keep fighting y'all. For better treatment, for more quality of life. For a cure. For improvement. For a diagnosis.
For awareness.

#TrickyTrifecta #EDSAwareness #POTS #DysautonomiaAwarenessMonth #MCAS #MastCellDiseaseAwarenessDay