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    × " I Don't Know Why I Give Any Emotional Or Love To Anyone Anymore... " ×#trustissue 's#Thought 's

    × " For The Past Year I Have Felt Soo Alone... And Lost Sometime's I Feel Like The Event's Of My Life Were Never Supposed To Happen... But They Did Starting With My # Molestation At 14 Then #raped At 16... I Left Family At 18 And Got Married At 19 I Had A Baby And Lost Him.. To " Sudden Infant Death Syndrome " And Then The Losse's Of My Mother And Brother And Lastly The End Of My 17 Year's Of Marriage... I Truly Tryed My Best To Be The Best Wife To My Ex-Husband... But I Was Never Enough... And Not Up To The Standards Of His Sibling's... I Loved My Father In Law... My Mother In Law And I Budded Head's Constantly... Over My Ex... Now That I Didn't Understand I Have Alway's Felt Like A Was 3 In Our Realtionship... But Again I Don't Understand Men At All Anymore... My Marriage Felt Like A Chore.. TBH And Now I'm Deadset On Never Getting Re-Married Ever Again... I Tryed To Set Boundries And My Ex Didn't Listen To Me So I Needed To Walk Away... Thing's Were Never Going To Change With Him... His Priority Were His Mother...Brother And Women Co-worker's.. Which Is Messed Up... But I'm Glad I Walked Away From The Constant Being Ignored Like I Didn't Exist.. Now I Can't Even View Men In A Diffrent Way... Because I Feel Like I'm Going To Get Hurt Again... Used For My $ And My Kindness... " I'm Not Bashing Any Men Ok... These Are Just Feeling's And Thought's.. Not All Men Are Jerk's.. Yes I Get Hit On At Work And It Get's Boring Quickly Especially If It Older Men... Idk Why I Attract Those Type's.. And It Litterly Make's Me Want To Be Single For The Rest Of My Life.. Is There Something Worng With Me... Idk " × # Thought's#trustissue 's ☆S.K.☆

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Hey, I'm Fynn and yes I am fine #Depression #trustissue

    Hi. I am Fynn. I am new here and I am young. I am a teenager to be honest but I needed a place where I can write my feelings down and share them. I know it's kinda dumb to trust strangers but it's not like I had a choice. And I had good experiences in other forums.

    I said I said I am fine but what wonder I am not. My therapist and my doctor don't listen to me and are just picking on me. My friends, who I go to when I have a bad episode again, are just ignoring me and the ones who are there are living to far from here.

    I did something I shouldn't have done but I can't change it. I gave up. I gave up to show my feelings, I gave up to care about my pain. I gave up to show how it hurts me. I just gave it all up. I'm pushing my feelings down, my pain, my anxiety, my panic, everything. It's exhausting but I have to do this. Otherwise I would get broken. I can''t. I have neither the energy to hide my feelings nor to show them, so I just will hide them and push them down till I find someone...

    the fact is, that I don't care anymore. I don't care how much the people around me try to hurt me, I don't care that they ignore me, I don't care that I black out often, I don't care about plans I made, I don't care when my friends cancel plans we made...

    Of course I care. But I can't feel it. I push it down to prevent to get broken. To prevent that I am the one who is in pain...

    I know, my friends have problems too. Some of them. But that's no reason to ignore someone without any warning. I just need someone I can trust and who listens to me... And I know it's selfish, I know it's egoistic but I need someone who cares about me. I force me to be in control of myself. Everytime Everywhere. But i wanna let go. I wanna give the control to my care giver... But he doesn't live here...

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    What kind of SLIME would take advantage of a desperate homeless person

    <p>What kind of SLIME would take advantage of a desperate homeless person</p>
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