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All. #alone this #Christmas #day

When chronic pain has a person, such as myself, nearly completely homebound & bedridden, living alone can surely be a big issue. #Cats are purrrfect companions, not having to be walked & go in the litter pan. I am holding onto #Hope , using every bit of might I have in me. Hurts trying so hard, for so long, continuously in the face of frustration & disapointment. I #Need to hold on, for I am to the point of extreme & exaggerated #desperation . & this being my first Christmas without her, it's reached its peak today. I'm a little #afraid to #Lose all Hope at this point. Well. Wishing a Happy Merry Christmas for us all. At least May it be the the #best we can make it. #atleast . 🙏

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Warning - #Holiday #Depression #Anxiety - when going on holiday - what to prepare for that you may not have thought about - My 6 tips!

One of the biggest #trigger s to #desperation , and #Depression coupled with tremendous #Anxiety is the #unknowns - #Medication shortage fear is one.

#Holidays for anyone who lives with these #illnesses can be hugely #distressing !

I'd say that we're already feeling #anxious when preparing to go away, and yet, we aren't given the tools to help us, should a #Crisis set in while away in a Foreign Country, without our regular safe #drs near.

Here are my 6 tips that I hope will make your #Holiday pleasant.

Before packing your clothes, please ensure that you have ordered enough #Medication well in advance of your trip, and perhaps a little more of your #Medication than you usually take, as a precaution. Luggage gets lost. Flights get delayed. There's massive uncertainty with #COVID etc.

We absolutely have to feel #safe regarding our #meds - and it is #Dangerous should we find ourselves without our #meds and not being able to #GET replacements.

Tip 1. Always take your #Medication on board with you. Never let the bag with them out of your sight. - This gives a feeling of #Safety and #Comfort

Tip 2. Always have your #Doctors phone number and contact details both in your handbag, as well as the bag holding your #Medication .

Tip 3. When you arrive at your destination - before you unpack it's very important, for #peace of mind, to find out where the nearest #Dr and/or #Hospital is. Take their phone number and address. Keep these on you, plus a copy at your hotel or wherever you are staying. Believe me, this will save you #severe #Anxiety and stress, and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

Tip 4. You may very well be put into situations where you start to feel #anxious and possibly #afraid . It does not matter whether it 'makes sense' to anyone. Even if you are on the beach, #Anxiety can kick in. So always, if you are on anti#Anxiety #meds , take them with you. Always. It is also perfectly acceptable to leave if you feel it's overwhelming. #Migraines are my 'go-to' sadly due to no understanding of #mental illness.

Tip 5. If you find you wake up #depressed - remember that you do not have to get up just because the sun is shining. Be #Kind to yourself. Do something to distract you. TV, a book, whatever. Stay put in bed if you want to.

Tip 6. If you've arranged a dinner out with your friends, but come time to get ready, your #distress #Anxiety - or any other part of your #illness kicks in, it is perfectly okay to politely decline by feigning a #Migraine attack. Sometimes, #whitelies are necessary - with #mental illness. Then watch a good movie. :)

I hope these few tips help you. I went away recently, and thought I had adequate #Medication - but by week 3 - I was running out.

I have learned a valuable lesson. Nightmare! Never again...I now know better. Shew.

Debi xx

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What kind of SLIME would take advantage of a desperate homeless person

I paid $75 to buy this Gold necklace believing it was real and a good deal. It has 18k stamped on it, I took it to the gold dealer and was told it was junk. If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t. I should have been smart about it but I was desperate to check it out better. Why people do things like this? seems like everyone is a scam anymore. Just another reason why I have no friends and no money. Who can you truly trust these days? Life is a lemon and I want my money back. #Depression #desperation #SocialAnxiety #trustissue #selfhatred #Bipolor #gettingused #selfesteemissues



Does anyone recognize the behavior of beating yourself until you get bruises? In the face?
Sometimes I get so angry and frustrated and than I beat myself up... #bruises #anger #desperation

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Has anyone had a hard time appealing for disability during quarantine? #Disability #desperation

My friend is desperate for her disability , she is in lockdown in Colorado and any help is VERY much appreciated!

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Fear looks like standing on your own two feet and having no one support you
Fear looks like making it to a mental health programme even though your lonley and won't meet anyone worthy of company
Fear looks like walking up and down all night and getting up the next morning to go somewhere where you know isn't working out for you
Fear is being disowned by one of your parents and still making it to a family gathering

Fear can creep in as #desperation, #lonilness , #Conflict, jealousy, it cripples the best of us. It took all my physical muscle to put one foot Infront of the other.
I know I've had many years of torment under one that most likely I could bare to handle.

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Recovery from adultery #Adultery #Depression #Trust #anger #Forgiveness #Revenge #desperation #Obssesivethoughts

Hello and thanks for reading my wife and I have been together for 14 years, married 5. The last 4 years we have been _#FosterParents . We have three little kids and we are in the process of adopting them
Last year my wife #Cheated on me with her ex boyfriend
This #Affair left me in a #MajorDepression .
I can’t #forgive , I can’t forget, and I am #obsessed with how this happened
We go to marriage counseling
I go to men’s group and to #Celebraterecovery
I’m working on my #CBT skills
I’d like to keep my family and recover
I feel the need to destroy her ex boyfriend and his family
I feel the need to end my marriage and, by doing so, give up my children that we love dearly
Anyone been here?
Any tips, advice, or kind words?
Thanks for readingp



Having the worst day ever. Drowning in anxiety and depression. Living each minute is sheer hell. I don't know how much longer I can cope with this. I am trying my best but it is so overwhelming. Each minute is torture with the anxiety bouncing off the depression. All I crave for is some peace. Just some peace of mind.