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People Are So Quick To Judge!

Someone asked me in a message if they should get vaccines? I said yes because of the kind of people she's around! For work she's a caretaker and works with the elderly. I thought that was sound advice! This is now the second time this person misunderstood me, assumed I meant the kind of people she hangs out with! I have no idea who she hangs out with!! Except for her boyfriend! She went off on me and blocked me! The first time she did this it was again all a misunderstanding and we discussed how something can get lost in translation when its a text and she apologized. This is the second time in a week! She's a lot younger than me. Do I let her unblock me when she's ready again or do I forget it all together? #Depression #mood disorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #Bipolor

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I Know What To Do! WHY Is It So Hard?

I went cold on a neighbor that moved away last October.. She was unbelievable and so toxic. Everyday she would show up at my house and I felt bad and let her in. Her children, grown, hate her and her husband had moved out of the bedroom almost a decade ago. She is a toxic lier! Telling her entire family she has MS and for 10 years she had everyone fooled she saw a doctor and was medicated. An emergency revealed she lied. The lies were enormous! So I felt bad for her because her husband filed for divorce, but he did catch her cheating when she got caught having sex with her married boss and they both got fired!
Here's my problem, number one, I'm a scapegoat, 2 I'm an empath and my heart is huge but I know I should not be talking with her at all and she just called after a year! She's almost homeless! And I know id never let her move in here but she needs my help. I did her divorce for her in 2022! And neglected myself!! I know I shouldn't answer the phone if she calls again!!! I know my new therapist would be very upset I decided to take 2 calls from her after a year! I'm mad at myself!! Do I answer again and explain again I need to take care of me, my husband and home or do I never answer again? I'm the daughter of a narcissistic mother and the scapegoat of the family. So you know where my heart is always at!! Thanks guys for your help!!! #Toxic #CPTSD #Anxiety #mood disorder #scapegoat #Childhood abuse #Bipolor #Daughter of a narcissistic mother

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OMG! I Just Remembered Something! #CPTSD #MDD #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Bipolor

I was a pawn for my narcissistic father. He wanted to own my husband's family business before we were even dating. I was 19. He gave my phone number to James and let me know after the fact. I was still living at home, working full time, had my own health care and benefits. They didn't expect us to pay to live there. Just our personal essentials when we had our first jobs.

Point being I remembered that it was like an awful family feud! My husband, his brother and my folks again his parents!!! And my dad won out and ended up owning the corporation! But even then, the narcissistic people in my life had me doing the meetings with my husband's father!! I was the one meeting him im public places giving him money making him agree and sign to what we agreed upon! Those jerks put it all on me and I ran the front business!!! And guess who got paid the least!! OMG!!!! How could they put me through months and months of pure family hell! Now nobody is speaking!!!!! I'm away from all that and still not speaking to my mom. Its not worth the .hell! I thought of calling my ex mother in law today to tell her what really happened! It would blow her mind! I'm the only one willing to speak the absolute truth about it! Maybe that's scary to these people and why in all this time they never reached out to me! They know their son is a scum bag! He's been in trouble with the law before I met him and when I left him!

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What A Little Girl Does When Mommy Won't Stop Yelling At Daddy! #

My mother is the narcissist from hell! She married my dad right out of high-school. She just turned 18 and my dad was 24 years old. She had me at 19 years old. By 4 and 1/2 years old, I was well aware of my mother starting horrible yelling fights with my father! I mean she was awful! She would say, "I'm leaving and taking the girls!" I said I'm not leaving daddy alone and she would take away my baby sister and I would cry so hard! It broke my heart!

My mother would come back dangling hotel keys, saying she came to get her stuff and would keep it up! So I would sneak into the laundry room, grab the phone and drag the long cord into the powder room and call my, grandma in a different state and have her call back for my mom just to get her off of my dad's back!! I started taking care of their fighting at 4! I felt it was my responsibility to keep my awful mother from being mean to my dad!
#PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety #Bipolor #MDD

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My children treat me very bad. I’m only good for them if they need something that I can do for them. This hurts very bad. My daughter use my grandchildren as a yo-yo. If I don’t do just what she wants me to do she pulls the kids from me. I have PTSD and am having a hard time dealing with it right now. My daughter does not seem to understand, that I’m going threw a lot right now. I have tried to talk to her but it has to be her way. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m at a loss at this point.
#PTSD #Anxity # depression #Bipolor

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New medication question about Vraylor.

At my doctor’s visit last week, he gave me a sample pack of Vraylar. I’ve never seen a psychiatrist or been diagnosed, but I do believe I have one of the Bipolar types. I mostly suffer from major depressive disorder, anxiety, social anxiety. I have had very few manic episodes and they are hypo mania episodes when I do have them. My question is for anyone who is taking this or has ever taken it, did you take it in the mornings or evening/bedtime? Which is more helpful. I thought it was making me drowsy when I first started it, which was 5/3/22. But I’m not sure. Any advice and/or suggestions would be helpful. #Bipolor #Vraylar


Withdrawal #Depression #Bipolor #axniety

Well doctor took me off of Cymbalta on the 3/18. I had to go back on it last night because I was having major withdrawal symptoms from stopping it. Has anyone else had withdrawn symptoms from stopping it.

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Harassment, bullying, and threats.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather, I’m glad the heat “may” be over. Anyway I don’t know if I have talked about this issue or not so bare with me let’s call it a recap. So I was caught masterbaiting in my car to relieve stress of being homeless and mentally ill I had covered the windows well. Must have made some sound or the car was moving to attract the attention of a couple about 10 parking spaces away. Now there’s a video of the act maybe on the internet? Since then I have been harassed and bullied by people. “ if I was with a woman that would be ok, but going solo makes me a pervert.” Go figure, ok now about 2.5 weeks ago I was parked on the side of the road in a industrial area with a few houses about a block away. it was late and I was ready to get some sleep. That’s when I hear some man saying “ I’m tired of this perv hanging around here and I’m going to do something about it.” I see a flash light and what I believe was the shadow of a gun, I thinking cool this guy is going to finish what I have tried to do. His wife said “he maybe a perv but is he worth going to prison for and They walked away “damn just my luck” so I went to sleep. The next morning I wake up feeling my down side of #Bipolor and thinking of doing what he didn’t. First I wanted to find out why I have not been charged with sexual offenses, so I called the police. They told me that they have not heard of this issue, but she could hear the disparity in my voice and I was so stressed about it I started to cry. Next thing the entire police force was surrounding me telling me to drop my knife. That’s when I confessed the whole thing, the officer that to me into custody said “ I had broken no laws, you’re not the perv the person who was watching the act and recording it for later viewing, that person is also guilty of invasion of privacy, entering my vehicle by putting their hand in the window to get a good shot, spy caming, and cyber bullying if on the internet or social media.” That relived a lot of stress, but still was taken to Behavioral Heath is stayed all day, all night and most of the next day there. I get back to my car and continue my existence. No more harassment for awhile I think because they may think I was arrested. But when someone saw me the bullying starts up again. I believe they are doing this to bully me out of town, ( I’m not a man that can be bullied, I stand my ground) but I am afraid that if they don’t stop it will trigger the violent side of me and I may end up being convicted of murder put in a detention center for the criminally #insane . I will not leave and I won’t be intimidated by anyone. Any other suggestions on how to make this go away besides leaving and violence? Please help with this it’s really stressing me out and has ruined any chances of finding a mate. Tell me ladies would you date a man who is homeless and accused of being a pervert? I can answer that “HELL NO” Now I am going SOLO forever “lucky Me.” 🥺😢🤯

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What kind of SLIME would take advantage of a desperate homeless person

I paid $75 to buy this Gold necklace believing it was real and a good deal. It has 18k stamped on it, I took it to the gold dealer and was told it was junk. If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t. I should have been smart about it but I was desperate to check it out better. Why people do things like this? seems like everyone is a scam anymore. Just another reason why I have no friends and no money. Who can you truly trust these days? Life is a lemon and I want my money back. #Depression #desperation #SocialAnxiety #trustissue #selfhatred #Bipolor #gettingused #selfesteemissues