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#Pathetic or #Not empathetic

People here are #Pathetic or am I being ridiculously not # empathetic to #whining today? Is it only me? Going ahead, hate.


Just Letting It Out

I just want to take this off my chest.

Finally got the courage to confess to a guys that I was attracted to. He told me I'm not his type unless for sex, in which he has no type as long as he gets it, because he doesn't like commitments. I know that's his rights and freedom..But it still hurts.

Got a friend whom I always check on her, and she said I can talk to her about my own worries. Finally took the offer, and now she went silent for almost two weeks, not even responding to "how are you"?" .

Wake up recently feeling more exhausted than before sleeping. Went to sleep but so many negative thoughts running in my head.

Struggling to study for an upcoming exam, as there's no motivation, and keep repeating same lines without it ever going into my head.

My birthday a few months ago, but no one, whether my friends, family, coworkers, I even let it on in FB, none wishes me. It's painful because I always wish them first. I know it sounds needy, but...it feels as if I'm forgettable.

Went silent for a month, and none reaches out. Have the negative thought that even if I hang myself and died, none would know unless I wake up from my grave and text them telling ,"How are you? By the way, I'm dead."

I know there's lots of others here who went through worse. I should be https://grateful.But it's still...suffocatingly lonely.

#venting #whining #beingneedy #feelingworthless #lonely

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Getting sick...

I’d really love it if once in a while, #gettingsick didn’t involve some long drawn out process of #Pain and generally feeling #miserable for days to weeks. Like can I just once catch a 24 hour bug where you get sick and start feeling better right away? Why does it always have to be some complicated superbug that just leaves me feeling awful for weeks? Why do we have to work for months and years to get a few days or weeks where our chronic illnesses aren’t the first thing we think about every day? I don’t like this time imbalance #whining #pityparty #ihadabaddayagain

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