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Little Miss Sunshine

Ah what a crack-up this afternoon!
Laughter is the best medicine!
I definitely needed that pick-me-up this week!! I don't recall having that laugh-cry moment at all this year with someone else or within a group setting.
It happened today via video chat!😆😂🤪

I'm hopeful I will pass tomorrow's SIMS (simulation) assessment with my partner.
I'm super relieved we got a last minute practice in earlier today. 👌🏼

This is another one of those super appreciative posts
A shout out to my classmates: 🥰
Greatly appreciate the ongoing support and positive feedback they have given me and my partner in the past two weeks.

Note to self:💜
You don't realise how much support you have when you keep it to yourself,
be more accepting and open to others.
It goes a long way to just let go of your mistakes.
Don't be a stranger,
show up!

Let positive vibes manifest in your life!!!!

#Bekindtoyourself #MentalHealth #selfcarelounge #Selflove #thriving #positive #womenempoweringwomen

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Completed Demi Lovato docuseries

She is the epitome of resilience and the pursuit of happiness, the process of self-discovery.

As I am currently studying Mental Health this year. I am even more so inspired by this young woman, her album and her documentary, collecting all these antidotes about her addiction, healing and recovery, her recent progress in life.

It has only reaffirmed how much I would like to support individuals who are in need.

I share a few messages I took from the last episodes:

'recovery isn't a one size fits all solution'

'getting ahead of the curve, being proactive and taking steps that's gonna put safety precautions in place'

'what i eat is my decision, what i don't eat is my decision, what i do is my decision'

Elton John:

'we're not all perfect, we're human beings'

#MentalHealth #Selfcare #Selflove #EatingDisorder #Depression #addiction #womenempoweringwomen #Womenhelpingwomen