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Unintentional Consequences #Guilt #Fear #Children #Womenhelpingwomen #ChronicDepression #MentalHealth #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife

Does anyone have any tips on rectifying the ripple effect, from throwing a rock in a gorgeous lake on accident? I am desperate to find a way to help & support those hurting, especially during the holidays? 💔💔💔

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Completed Demi Lovato docuseries

She is the epitome of resilience and the pursuit of happiness, the process of self-discovery.

As I am currently studying Mental Health this year. I am even more so inspired by this young woman, her album and her documentary, collecting all these antidotes about her addiction, healing and recovery, her recent progress in life.

It has only reaffirmed how much I would like to support individuals who are in need.

I share a few messages I took from the last episodes:

'recovery isn't a one size fits all solution'

'getting ahead of the curve, being proactive and taking steps that's gonna put safety precautions in place'

'what i eat is my decision, what i don't eat is my decision, what i do is my decision'

Elton John:

'we're not all perfect, we're human beings'

#MentalHealth #Selfcare #Selflove #EatingDisorder #Depression #addiction #womenempoweringwomen #Womenhelpingwomen

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End the stigma

if you would like to participate in period research
please take part in a 4min survey

'Share the Dignity is on a mission to end the shame and stigma that surrounds periods because if we can't comfortably talk about periods, we can't address period poverty. We need to accurately understand the shame people who menstruate experience and how it can impact their lives.

That's why we're conducting a bloody big survey on menstruation.

We're calling on at least 10,000 people who menstruate to respond to the survey so that the data can make a real on the ground difference.

For each response, U By Kotex will donate a packet of pads to Share the Dignity to distribute to someone in need.'

#WomensHealth #sharethedignity #Period #Womenhelpingwomen


A woman who knows about cars? No way!

I am trying to be a good person so please help me. I was talking to my boyfriend about how I saw an NA mazda miata and I thought "is it a 1.6 or a 108 liter engine" but I never stare at cars because I do not want men to think I am a "dumb woman" because I like their car. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a car for it's looks, but (most) men tend to think that is all a woman likes is a car's looks and color. I asked him if a man was looking at your car what would he say (he has a datsun 240z, a 94 and 91 miata, and an eagle talon)? He said if a man looked at my miata i would assume he liked the car. I continued, if a woman looked at it? He said i would say she thinks it is cute. So you can see me as the woman who saw a NA madza miata who saw that he has negative camber on his driver rear wheel and not on his passenger rear wheel would say nothing to him even at a light next him because I would not be taken seriously even though he needed to fix it if it was not his intent to have the rear wheel not in line with the other. My bf then started to disagree about how men treat woman in the car world without ever having been a woman in the car world, but he just stated he would assume a woman was looking at his car differently because she was a woman. He then showed me a (made up) hotwheels car and asked "what do you think of when you see this?" so I started counting the visible "spark plug wire connections" I counted 8 so I said It has 16 clinders and he said I was only saying that to make a point not because that is what I thought (that was what I actually thought!!!). He was not even taking what I thought into consideration and said I was making a show. I said what I thought and I was still lying somehow?
I have to deal with chronic pain, being called a redskin and sexism?
#IAcceptYou #female #WomeninProgress #WomensMentalHealthSummit #InternationalWomensDay #womenshistorymonth #Womenhelpingwomen #womenpower #Anxiety #Fibromyaliga #Fibromyalgia #Fibro

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Share The Dignity

Giving back to the community this month in time for Christmas,
My mama and I donated a couple of preloved/new handbags/backpack full of toiletries and extra items
for a great cause below

'At Share the Dignity, we aim to give those experiencing period poverty the dignity they deserve.

Your donations help those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence and those doing it tough. We do not discriminate on who receives these products, no matter your history, background, how you identify, we believe everyone deserves a right to take control of their period with dignity. '

Each November Share the Dignity donated thousands of bags to those in need across the country filled with essentials and special gifts to make Christmas one to remember.

Inside the bag, we require period products, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, roll-on deodorant. In addition to this, you can add any products or gifts you think someone doing it tough may appreciate. The bag itself needs to be in good condition but can be a pre-loved handbag or backpack.

The 2020 It’s In The Bag campaign will run from the 20th of November until the 29th of November. Drop off points will be available at Bunnings stores nationwide with COVID-19 restrictions depending in some states. We are currently doing everything we can and working on contingency plans to ensure It's In The Bag can run successfully and we can continue to help those living in crisis.'

#Womenhelpingwomen #Sharethelove #MentalHealth

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Share the Dignity #WomensHealth

I'm getting behind this wonderful initiative
Share the Dignity this month
It's about lending a hand to women in Australia.
Gifting a care pack with essential toiletries and/or beauty/accessories in a new or preloved handbag to a woman or teen in need.

#WomensHealth #Womenhelpingwomen
#CheckInWithMe #Sharethelove

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#CheerMeOn going to fight Wednesday! #Womenhelpingwomen #AddictionRecovery

So nervous to go take on deeply entrenched stigma and fight for the needs of women need you guys behind me! On the inside...I’m shaking and nauseated.... on the outside.....Not afraid of your torches and pitchforks! #MightyTogether

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How can I help you? #CheckInWithMe #Womenhelpingwomen #Relateable #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Fatigue #New

Something that helps me when I’m feeling sad and lost is to focus on gratitude and helping other people. I need a break from my own life. How can I help you?