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Lake reserve

Just yesterday Friday arvo client and I explored a park, it's nice to be surrounded by nature. I often forget to just breathe, be still, be in the moment and focus on my surroundings with being cooped up driving around day to day work.

The fresh air and the sound of the water, birds chirping puts me at ease.

Hope all are making the most of their Friday or weekend wherever you are.


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Today's a good day! A bit of introspect and happy announcement

What was meant to be a sleep in/day off/post Dad's bday celebration. Instead, it became a self care type of day...
✔️ sleep in a little bit
✔️ little walk
✖️It was a haunting sight to see the long line of retail shops majority closed as I walked past them, I went from one end of the shopping centre from the local Coles to the pharmacy.

Earlier this afternoon, I received good news! 😲Finally! I've secured a phone interview this Wednesday regarding an opportunity to do mental health student placement with a local consulting organisation.

Since the beginning of first term from March, I have been trying for agesss to find a host willing to take me in for this year...

I'm so overwhelmed in a good way and super relieved...I even got a reply.
I think I have sent 20odd enquiry emails to date.

I've also have another phone interview tomorrow to finalise a course enrolment in NDIS. It's for 12 weeks and it is complementary to my current studies in Mental health.
The goal outcome from studies is to work in disability sector in day programs to broaden my scope of practice out of my current job in aged care.
(NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme)

I am optimistic of what the future holds.
I am fully backed by a supportive teacher and my closest peers. 🥰

Soon after the term break and last SIMS both courses will be completed and I have to face the next challenge ahead, something that I have been nervous about and have been contemplating so much in the back of mind - quitting my aged care job.

I just hope to inspire and equip myself and others with lifelong skills and muster the courage to become better and stronger versions of ourselves! Knowledge is power! Strength is power! 💪🏻

Note to self: don't be complacent, you are worthy of some much more than where you are right now! Believe in your potential!
You must do it! Do it now so you won't have regrets! 👆🏽

#MentalHealth #Anxiety #selfcarelounge #positive #CheckInWithMe #Bekindtoyourself

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Sunday thoughts - 'Breathwork' 📖🤔

Healing is a timely process.

I personally feel mindfulness - breathing exercises helps me process things better.
I have found it most beneficial for me at the start of the morning and/or winding down before bed.

Consciously breathing, it is a skill to hone in on. It's great way to keep yourself grounded.

There is a saying that time heals everything.
I think this is true and so relevant.

Hope you have a lovely weekend
Hope those in lockdown in Oz, can enjoy the sunshine while we can! 🦋🐝🍃

#distractmewithbooks #DistractMe #MentalHealth #selfcarelounge #Selfcare #Positivity

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Indulge yo self🤗 FruityFriday

Treating the fam....
I got 3 quarter slices delivered today.
Since we can't get together with family and friends this weekend for Dad's 60th.
The least I can do is fulfil his birthday 🍰request🤗
He likes the passionfruit🍰
Mum got the black forrest🍰

A little reward for passing my SIMS' this week. Getting through this week has been difficult. How to cope with the recent unit we started in class along with poor sleep and cramps. Took a sick day today.

So, looking forward to Spring it's approaching here in a couple days. 🐝🦋🍃

#DistractMe #distractmewithdesserts #selfcarelounge #Selfcare #selfcareday #Anxiety #MentalHealth #PolycysticOvarySyndrome

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Little Miss Sunshine

Ah what a crack-up this afternoon!
Laughter is the best medicine!
I definitely needed that pick-me-up this week!! I don't recall having that laugh-cry moment at all this year with someone else or within a group setting.
It happened today via video chat!😆😂🤪

I'm hopeful I will pass tomorrow's SIMS (simulation) assessment with my partner.
I'm super relieved we got a last minute practice in earlier today. 👌🏼

This is another one of those super appreciative posts
A shout out to my classmates: 🥰
Greatly appreciate the ongoing support and positive feedback they have given me and my partner in the past two weeks.

Note to self:💜
You don't realise how much support you have when you keep it to yourself,
be more accepting and open to others.
It goes a long way to just let go of your mistakes.
Don't be a stranger,
show up!

Let positive vibes manifest in your life!!!!

#Bekindtoyourself #MentalHealth #selfcarelounge #Selflove #thriving #positive #womenempoweringwomen

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Song recommendation - 'You will be found' from 'Dear Evan Hansen'

If you are interested in musicals, check out this song.

I am a fan of this song especially the Ben Platt version.
I recall hearing this song being sung at my first choir concert with Melbourne Contemporary choir a few years back.

So inspiring lyrics! It deeply resonates with the situation we are in. The feelings of emptiness, loneliness and uncertainty.

Hope this might bring someone hope and strength in whatever you're struggling with.

'You are not alone!' 🥺 Please be gentle with yourself and reach out. 🥰🙏🏼

#MentalHealth #distractmewithmusic #DistractMe #TheMighty #inspired #Bekindtoyourself #Depression #Anxiety #selfcarelounge #Selflove #Selfcare #Selfworth #positive

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For those interested in guided mindfulness activities - check out above apps

Doing it tough mentally, processing so much with what's been announced by my state premier,

I've resumed Headspace - really honing in doing it more regularly on the daily basis...
See how I go, trying to calm my senses, alleviate my stressors and manage my racing thoughts and anger.

Hoping to see light and peace at the end of this extensive lockdown.
Hopefully the Aus government can come to their senses and work out a immediate mental health plan for all, especially the children at school and young adults
who I feel for with so much uncertainty
Also, for the families and teachers suffering greatly with the hardships they are facing.
All the young ones missing out on socialisation, graduation, formal, camp, retreat, TRAVEL, the usual things teens should be able to experience in their early adulthood.

Hoping and praying for inner strength and peace for every state to work together for a unified response.

Show a bit of compassion and respect for those in a vulnerable state. It's those who are often unheard, unspoken and unsupported who might need someone to reach out to them.

I'm grateful I have my family, workmates and peers' support.

I wish you the same to have that support in place.

At the end of this, whenever that will be.
Ultimately, we are all striving for the same goal to be safe, healthy, secure for our loved ones. We all want to be cared for and supported.

Please be gentle with yourself!

#selfcarelounge #Selfcare #Bekindtoyourself #DistractMe #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety