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Returning to the office after 12 months working from home

So after 12 months of working from home there is apparently no Covid in our state. The reason I was working from home is because I am asthmatic and previously a bad chest cold has sent me to hospital so I wasn’t chancing that with Covid. So now the state government has said it wants 100% of the workforce back at the office. But I don’t think anyone has taken into consideration the mental state of people after working from home for this long. I feel I get so much more done at home. I also complete tasks and “stay back” after my finish time as I don’t feel the need to rush off.
Since being told I am to come back my anxiety and depression has peaked. I am finding myself crying daily. The little jabs from coworkers saying “now you’ll have to get dressed” or “now you’ll actually have to do some work” that they find funny, hurt to think this is what they think I have been doing for the last year. It’s like they think I’ve had a year long holiday, not that I’ve spent the year in an anxious state concerned for my health.

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Should I disclose my depression?

I have suffered with severe anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. I have found many ways to cope including medication and therapy. When I started my current job I was in a good place mentally so did not mention my conditions. I loved my job for the 1st two years I was there, my manager was very understanding and flexible even when I had to miss work during the odd low moment/panic attack or if I had to take time off with my children.
Since he left the role and a new manager has come in the environment feels toxic. I am now being taken to a disciplinary for absences, the majority of which are because of anxiety/depression. I am currently struggling with a severe depressive episode and have been feeling suicidal. I’m back at work after a week of being signed off by my doctor.
Should I make HR and my manager aware of my current state at the start of the disciplinary? I’m concerned I’ll just burst into tears and walk out and am thinking it might help if they understand what I’m going through currently. Any advice appreciated. Sorry for the long post #Depression #Anxiety #Workplaceadjustments #Employment


Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments!

I had been plotting in my autism lab a.k.a my bed all of Sunday thinking of things I could do or get to make my life easier . I work full time and have done for the past 13 years, but it’s not without its constant challenges lurking around every corner. Sound and light is of great sensitivity to me, there’s conversations I can hear from halfway across the vast office space or motion sensor lights having a rave. Personally, I just thought they might just be a gentle annoyance until today.

So I am sat there at my desk fluttering away at my tasks and ooh it was so lovely and quiet! The blinds were up slightly but it was a gentle path of light coming through and I was in the zone! Before I knew it I was flying through my work and decided to stop to send an email to my manager to have a quick chitchat about changing some hours on two days. As we are talking she mentioned my productivity even astounded her and I said it was lovely and quiet this morning. I mentioned I was possibly looking at some earplugs but I wasn’t sure until after my performance this morning that it was a good idea.

Then I started thinking hmm... prescription sunglasses or tinted lenses may possibly be another good idea after all. Also decided to get another eye mask for sleeping as the flimsy ones always have a habit of making a run for it half way through the night and I a, convinced that’s what is causing the 4 am unwanted wake up calls... #Autism #Workplaceadjustments

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