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Driven to Hospitalization by Workplace Abuse #workplacebullying , #Depression , #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder , #PsychiatricHospital

I reported sexual discrimination and harassment roughly two years ago. Since then I’ve been constantly retaliated against. My abuser continues buoyed by the face that I, not him, will be punished. My mental health is shattered. I will be hospitalized probably Monday.

Whatever you do, do not believe the mandatory training that says that you should report things. No matter how badly abused you are. If you do, they will destroy you utterly. As Nikita Gill wrote, “There is no justice in this world.”


Panic Attack Over Work Dinner

So, I'm being "forced" to attend this formal, female-only, dinner with my female colleagues, who have been bullying me at work for the past 5 months. I am in panic, sweating, it's two days away, but I'm already suffering. My family recomended that I don't go, that I give a family excuse, because if they all get together they can do something bad to me, especially if they peer-pressure me into drinking, because since covid, a single cup can be my downfall. But I just got a call and my boss WANTS ME to go. I don't know what to do. I know I'm forced to attend, because if I refuse I KNOW that I'll be the punching bag all night long and the next day when I get to work things will be even worse. Can someone just... I don't know, distract me? Just... puppies or something? I'm supposed to go to work in 1 hour. #workplacebullying #Anxiety #Depression #PanicAttack #help


Bullies exist and can be any age

Had to deal with a client tonight who I dread having meetings with because I’ve never dealt well with bullies.
To explain, I deal with boards and committees; anyway this one client has board members who are ok but like pulling teeth getting things done. They have a committee that has one member who triggers me badly.
Mind you this is an adult. He finds the need to belittle and talk down whenever he can. And he knows “everything”. God forbid you correct him on something or inform him on legalities. He blithely disregards your input and goes on to do nothing but criticize.
Oh, he kisses the board’s butt and throws our company under the bus. We are at fault if he doesn’t get a callback from the board, if the board doesn’t get something done. I guess it’s our fault the sun didn’t shine today either.
I grew up being told bullies have problems they take it out on others for.
Well, this adult spent 45 minutes criticizing, bullying, talking down and belittling me (bringing on a few people on the call who listened to his lies to believe him). Unfortunately the board has voiced they feel he’s a bully too but they don’t speak up.
I’ve always had social anxieties and hate yelling, I have self image issues and it’s harder than anything for me to stand up for myself (I felt like just shutting down). I did manage to put him in his place to keep things moving (small victory) but I still feel like I just want to curl into a ball and cry.
Bullies exist and some never learn or grow up. They may get older but some just have no respect for anyone and feel better by making someone else feel smaller.
I was always told to never hate anyone. I’m sorry but I hate this person. I know it’s a drain but be is a cruel bully.
I just need to try to relax (heart racing though) and focus to get some sleep. #Anxiety #Bullying #workplacebullying #WorkplaceStress

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Returning to the office after 12 months working from home

So after 12 months of working from home there is apparently no Covid in our state. The reason I was working from home is because I am asthmatic and previously a bad chest cold has sent me to hospital so I wasn’t chancing that with Covid. So now the state government has said it wants 100% of the workforce back at the office. But I don’t think anyone has taken into consideration the mental state of people after working from home for this long. I feel I get so much more done at home. I also complete tasks and “stay back” after my finish time as I don’t feel the need to rush off.
Since being told I am to come back my anxiety and depression has peaked. I am finding myself crying daily. The little jabs from coworkers saying “now you’ll have to get dressed” or “now you’ll actually have to do some work” that they find funny, hurt to think this is what they think I have been doing for the last year. It’s like they think I’ve had a year long holiday, not that I’ve spent the year in an anxious state concerned for my health.

#Anxiety #Depression #returntotheoffice #returntoworkaftercovid #Returntowork #COVID #Asthma #asthmatic #workstruggles #covidnormal #WorkplaceStress #workplacebullying #workplaceanxiety #Workplaceadjustments


How does everyone deal with workplace unkindness? Especially unkindness that borders on bullying? #workplacebullying #Depression #Anxiety


Toxic work environments

So I worked at a job for five years, and worked my way up to management. This place broke me, threw me out, and destroyed me. my mental health was at an all time high before working there, and then almost a year later after I stepped down, this company still has control over me. I hate it. I haven’t been able to get mental health back to where it once’s was. I was bullied emotionally and almost physically. yet, when I reported it, that bully stayed and got promoted and I got an emotional intelligence book thrown at me.

I got a message today from a coworker from there. I have told them what I went through, and thought they understood! guess not. I woke up to there message stating how much there respected and loved there and how it’s the most amazing place to work! and the iceing on the cake? I was 3 levels up from her and there was only .25 cents difference. ( she left and came back) I broke myself for .25 more... am I crazy to be upset by this..

throughout my 5 years I was cornered by two management staff, unable to leave the room, for reporting mangment calling there employee bitches, I was sent to another store and thrown an emotional intelligence book because I came forward to stop the emotional abuse and prevent physical abuse. I have been cursed at, degraded, and even had my sexuality in question ( walked out of the washroom, to find girls gossiping to see if they can figure out my sexuality) and been told time and time again there sorry for everything that happened

yet all I wanted was to be respected & appreciateed.

I just don’t know what to do.. #workplacebullying #Depression #self-sabotage #Selfworth #ToxicRelationships

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Couldn’t Be Quiet #Depression #Suicide #workplacebullying

I’m afraid that I’m going to be fired for speaking out about being bullied at work. I was horribly abused as a child, and I couldn’t just take the verbal abuse and constant humiliation as an adult without saying something. I didn’t think it through. I’ve since read that going to HR is the worst thing you can do.

I feel like I’m a wimp for not being able to just toughen up and take it, but I also feel like this person is out to get me fired or to force me to quit. I was so upset a couple of weeks ago that I was suicidal. I couldn’t keep quiet any longer, but I’ve dug myself into a hole. I’m looking for another job, but I’ve got the wrong education for what I do.

I just feel so hopeless and afraid. I’m afraid of losing my job. I’m afraid of my bully. I’m afraid of everything. I should have just killed myself when I had the courage to do so rather than speaking out. Now I’m too afraid of that too.


Recognizing Workplace Bullying and Its Effects on You #workplacebullying #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety

I have found this site one day while looking for information. I found it extremely helpful. I have been bullied at work for 4 years at work. I didn’t call it that right away because I wasn’t clear on what qualified as bullying in the workplace and what was people just being assholes.

I also read the effects list and have an overwhelming amount of them including depression and anxiety. I also had my only (knock on wood) panic attack due to supervisor devaluing me compared to the consultants in my workplace. I’m hoping it allows anyone that has been a target to be able to identify and log issues. I was too far gone by the time I realized to record everything. #Bullying


Where are you!?!

I seem to have lost myself. Even using the word "myself" fills me with sadness, everything i write or read seems wrong, not in a "disturbed reality" wrong but in a confused state wrong.

I'm not the person i was, i used to be able to motivate myself and now i am stuck. I used to be akin to "happy."

I have PTSD and recently my mind has been filled with traumatic flashbacks...You can imagine the hyper arousal, the anxiety, the panic attacks without a trigger.

In work i am bullied and i am an "adult" i SHOULD be able to stand up for myself, i am a trained martial artist for f**k sake!
Yet i am bullied and bullied in such a way that it's hidden, it's done in a way that is subtle and it's done in a way where the person pretends to build you up and then destroys you.
I don't hold this person in any regard at all which is why i don't buy into her brand of narcissistic bullshit. It hurts because i can't seem to assert myself, I've always found it difficult to do.
The last thing i need is to be re-traumatised in work.

#mentalhealth #PTSD

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