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° " So Today Was A Full Blown Stressful Day " ° #WorkSux

° " So I Came Into Work Just To Look And Get My Schedule.. Lucky I Was On For Today... And I'm Off Tomorrow.. Work Thursday Until Sunday... So Work Started Off Insane But Slow.. A Lady Came In And Was Mad.. Because My G.M. Apparently Messed Up Her Order... So The Lady Apparently Made Her Order Through Catering... Instead Of Our Store Directly.. She Came In Blaming Us For Messing Up Her Order She Wanted 10 Boxe's Of Pure Steak Taco's Made.. But Didn't Actually Say Which Box. The Catering Boxe's Are Smaller And Go Into Huge Pink Packaged Carry Out Bag's And The Boxe's Are Also Pink... The Normal Boxe's Are Only For Breakfest Already Set Up.. As A 12 Count Bacon... Potato.. Bean × Cheese.. Chorizo... And Then I Had Another Customer Not Speak Up Clearly.. Mind U I Cannot Hear Well.. So I Rang Up One Box And She Had A Fit.. It's Supposed To Be 2 Boxe's. "LIKE BE MORE CLEARER ON YOUR OWN ORDER'S " Next Time... And Then I Had My Bully Co-Worker Accuse Me Of Never Helping Her With The Salsa's.. 1st Off It's Not My Job.. I'm Lead Cashier For The Front End Of The Restaurant.. And I Have More Thing's To Do. I Alway's Help Out Other's When I Do Have Down Time... I Don't Understand People Anymore.. And They Would Litterly Throw Other People Under.. Just To Make Themselve's Look Better... " ° # Thought's ~ Skaoi Kvitravn

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° " So An Extremely Stressful Day At Work.. "° #Drained

° " Work Was Extremely Busy And Stressful... My Male Boss Was So Out Of It Today... That When I Came Into Work At 8A.M.... Thing's Were Insane A Customer That's In The Military Waited More Than An Hour For 2 Taco Boxe's To Go.. My Friend Was Super Stressed Out To The Point That She Called Our G.M. In Tear's... As The Day Progressed On... Thing's Got Worse For Me... Since I Clean The Bathroom's... Someone Messed Up And Clogged The Woman's Restroom... And It Was Like A Nasty Nightmare... I Will Never Forget This Day.. And Then Our Male Boss Has This Play Thing As In A 19 Year Old Girlfriend.. That Come's To See And Distract Him Alway's.. And Today He Left Us Litterly Running The Restaurant Unsupervised Lolz... He Left To Walk To Walgreen's And Talk To His Girlfriend... For A Good While... Customer's Were Getting Angry At Me For The Neverending Slow Service... Like How Is This Alway's My Fault And I'm The Punching Bag... I Was Just Extremely Angry And Stressed Out.. By The End Of The Day.. I Made $7 In Tip's... And I Was Extremely Proud To Have Served A Severely Injured Soldier. " ° Sincerely, ☆▪︎☆S.K.☆▪︎☆ #WorkSux #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #ChronicPain #CP #Scoliosis #social Anxiety Disorder

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×"Idk About Working For T.C. Anymore.. These New People Litterly Complain About Everything That I Do... " × #Whatever

☆" Sooo Since I Started Working At This Store... It's Been Nothing But Non Stop Complaining About The Way I Work And Do Thing's... I'm Sorry "I'M NOT CHANGING FOR YOU!"... Today Was Busy And I Had Alot Of People.. At The Register.. And Made 2 Dine-In Order's Instead Of Take-Out... So I Got Yelled At By My Boss All Day Today... It's Not My Problem The Customer's Don't Explain Thier Order's Well... And Are Very Undecisive In What They Want To Eat All The Time... And Then They Have A Bad Habit Of Not Letting Me Finish Any Of My Task... That They Want Me To Do... And Still Yell At Me.. For Not Finishing... I'm Damned If I Do Or Don't... I'm Just So Tierd I Don't Even Care About Making Friendship's At This Place... I Feel Like I'm Not Wanted Here And Out Of Place... I'm Looking For Another Job.. Eventually.. They Treat Me Like Idk What I'm Doing If They All Left Me Alone... I Can Just Magically Do My Thing... But They Don't Allow Me Too.. " ☆ #WorkSux #Stress #Depression # Thought's ☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎▪︎☆