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° " So An Extremely Stressful Day At Work.. "° #Drained

° " Work Was Extremely Busy And Stressful... My Male Boss Was So Out Of It Today... That When I Came Into Work At 8A.M.... Thing's Were Insane A Customer That's In The Military Waited More Than An Hour For 2 Taco Boxe's To Go.. My Friend Was Super Stressed Out To The Point That She Called Our G.M. In Tear's... As The Day Progressed On... Thing's Got Worse For Me... Since I Clean The Bathroom's... Someone Messed Up And Clogged The Woman's Restroom... And It Was Like A Nasty Nightmare... I Will Never Forget This Day.. And Then Our Male Boss Has This Play Thing As In A 19 Year Old Girlfriend.. That Come's To See And Distract Him Alway's.. And Today He Left Us Litterly Running The Restaurant Unsupervised Lolz... He Left To Walk To Walgreen's And Talk To His Girlfriend... For A Good While... Customer's Were Getting Angry At Me For The Neverending Slow Service... Like How Is This Alway's My Fault And I'm The Punching Bag... I Was Just Extremely Angry And Stressed Out.. By The End Of The Day.. I Made $7 In Tip's... And I Was Extremely Proud To Have Served A Severely Injured Soldier. " ° Sincerely, ☆▪︎☆S.K.☆▪︎☆ #WorkSux #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #ChronicPain #CP #Scoliosis #social Anxiety Disorder

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So Drained & Exhausted

I’ve been feeling well and peaceful for a few weeks. Even when my daughter came home for spring break in crisis. I was able to get her the help she needed. However, we got into an argument yesterday and it pushed me into a not so great headspace. After I dropped her off at school, my whole mood took a downturn. It’s like all the joy and peace I had evaporated and I was left in tears and completely drained. How am I supposed to be there for her when she needs help, when I’m not fully healed? We’re just both struggling now and I feel like I can’t support her how she needs. #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CheckInWithMe #exhausted #Drained #ParentingWithMentalIllness

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¿ " A Letter To My Toxic Co-Worker's... " ? #Drained

° " Look I'm New To The Food Industry... " I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!!! "... YES! I Pace Myself Because Of My Body If I Do Too Much I Run Out Of Breath... IDC If You All View Them As "AN EXCUSE".. To Me It's Not Thing's Have Changed Ever Since I Got Covid... But You Toxic People Will Never Understand Me Or What I Go Through Every Single Day... It's Very Sad That You All Have Resorted To Just Making Me The Main Gossip At The Place Where... I Don't Want To Work Anymore... I Have Felt Underappreciated... Disrespected... Bullied And Faced Racisim... But Nobody Else Will Come To Work For You... And Then Who Do You All Relie On Alway's ME!!... YOU ALL HAVE SHATTERED MY PURE KINDNESS.. Out Of Nowhere... And Cut My Work Hour's.. I Have Never Worked For A Restaurant This Unorganized And Very Unprofessional In My Life... And The ▪︎▪︎LEVEL OF SEVERE ANXIETY ATTACK'S... AND DEPRESSION... AND CHRONIC PAIN... ▪︎▪︎ Is Not Funny To Me... You Can Make Fun Of Me And Call Me Lazy And Not Workable.... But I'm A Human Being With Feeling's... Every Single Day I Put Up With Alot Of B.S. From All Of You Not Wanting To Work And Entitled Customer's.... " ☆ Sincerely, ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ S.K. ¤▪︎▪︎▪︎ #Depression

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× "Working 30+ Hour's A Week Is Mentally Exhausting"× #Drained

° " So Work Was Annoying Af I Had A Day Of Super Rude Entitled Customer's... And My Work Load Get's Annoyingly Bigger For No Reason... My Boss Told A 16 Year Old Co-worker To Clean The Men's And Women's Bathroom's... Nothing Everyone Goe's Home... On Thier Scheduled Time's... And Guess Who Pay's The Price For Other's Lazyness. ME! And My Bully Asked Me To Make Her Margarita's Today... I K**** Her With Kindness... I Wish People Would Stop Being So Work Lazy.. I'm In So Much Pain..." ° #Thought 's °SKADI KVITRAVN°

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

#ChronicFatigue #Fatigue #fibromyalgiafatigue #exhaustion

So on a personal note we flew high accomplished many things sent love out in many directions only to land on the couch and that’s IT. #crash #Drained #nap

What IT all means is while we feel like we are getting better trying to do the things we use to do or remembering things that we could have done before diagnosis. We find ourselves in the cycle of #Updays #Downdays .

This is incredibly frustrating and irritating to say the least. How does one do all the things one is supposed to do when they don’t have enough #Energy and suffer from #ChronicIlless ?

Like seriously we have to be able to get through a week or two without being completely #overwhelmed .

Ok like we have taken on some extra #Stress #Work #MentalHealth and sure some #Caregiving . But common like surly we can still get things done. #DoEverything right?…

Wrong !!!

This is the reminder that we are in this situation because you didn’t look after yourself #rest #Health #Breakes #timeOff #timeout .

That’s right super hero you’re going to have to passé a bit better. Not everyday! Not every hour! Not every minute!

So we are sorry! Please take time to say you are sorry for not looking after You!

See while you would love to help and save the world… You forgot!

You have to save you!

IT is true and the year is ✨2022 IT is true.

Please 🙏 be kind to you.

Please 🙏 look after you.

Please 🙏 take time for you.

There is only one ☝️ you.

Someone out there needs this so this is for U

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Negativity is draining #Stress #Workplace #Depression #chronic #Caregiver #Drained

I’m having a really hard time at work now. I sort of need work to be an escape from the rest of the craziness in my life. I’m at this job 10 months so I don’t have the luxury of tons of seniority. Some ppl left and some new ppl joined and such an air of NEGATIVITY and malaise has descended. I find it so hard to stay upbeat (not easy anyway) and provide appropriate patient care. Every job has positives and negatives please .
Anyway thanks for listening. Any ideas validation or helpful comments would be appreciated #chronic #Caregiver #HealthCare #negativity #Drained #miserable #watercooler #Workplace


Feeling very tired, and drained

Today I feels so tired and drained from working all the time it’s as if I don’t have time to breathe because my job is so stressful and demanding. #Drained #Feeling low #aching #depressed


why was I born in this country?

I have no where else to share this without endangering my life, I was born in one of the most sexist, homophobic and close-minded country you could ever think of! all I want is to wake up, wear what I want and go out and meet NORMAL people without being scared for my life all of the time.
my mom underestimates my struggles a LOT and calls me dramatic, gloomy and delusional whenever I try to open up about it, I'm forced to cover up from head to toe, I can't remember how it felt the last time my hair felt the breeze more than 18 years ago, I'm tired.. I just graduated med school, I'm 25 and honestly can't take this any longer.
I want to fall in love but men here are extremely sexist so I don't want none of them, I just graduated so I don't have any money to move out of the country and live whatever is left of my youth, my family is wealthy but they would never support me on this.. I feel like I can't take it more, I can't shake off the idea that I was never meant to live my life this lifetime and that it's maybe the best to just give up and hope for a "next life" instead.. there are no therapists to talk to about my suicidal thoughts because they would literally put my life in danger if they know that I'm tired of this life because of this country's religion and the people in it.

I just felt like venting because I'm at my lowest these days.

#ChronicDepression #exhausted #Drained



Anyone know how to deal w your parents divorcing? I’m an adult child and it’s tough on me especially seeing it be so tough on my dad. Any advice or stories are appreciated. #Drained #exhausted #MentalHealth


Firing my therapist finally ☀️

My therapist sent me resources for therapist who deal with trauma. And I literally was like wtf am I paying you 100+ every week? For you to tell me to fill out a self care plan and breathe? Cause we have YET to talk about my trauma when I literally told him very first session. I’m finally firing him. Cheers to that. But now I’m so out of energy it will be a long time before I decide therapy again. and it’s so upsetting cause it took so much to even take this step.

#Therapy #BPD #Depression #Drained