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Welcome to #november 2023

Hey Friends. How are you today?

I am at work at the moment and I'm about to head home soon. However, I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. I #Care about you, too. I know that this group is not as large as many others, but I just want you to know that this is a place where you can #Talk and say #Whatever your heart needs to say. Just remember to be loving and kind when you say it.

Sometimes we #struggle to deal with things like #Anxiety disorders, or #panic disorders. For me, I have both. These types of things hit me at night when I least expect it. I want things to get better for my job life, and I feel like it will help me with my #Anxiety and make it so that I feel more #proud of myself or that I can #accomplish something. #MentalHealth is so important to keep on the front of my mind when it comes to working. One of the major things I hope to do in the near future is have my own business, but I need the help, the love, and support of those around me in order for me to do what it is that I need to do and function.

Lets #Pray that tonight I do not have to deal with an #AnxietyAttack and that I can #Sleep peacefully. Please share your thoughts with me!

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×"Idk About Working For T.C. Anymore.. These New People Litterly Complain About Everything That I Do... " × #Whatever

☆" Sooo Since I Started Working At This Store... It's Been Nothing But Non Stop Complaining About The Way I Work And Do Thing's... I'm Sorry "I'M NOT CHANGING FOR YOU!"... Today Was Busy And I Had Alot Of People.. At The Register.. And Made 2 Dine-In Order's Instead Of Take-Out... So I Got Yelled At By My Boss All Day Today... It's Not My Problem The Customer's Don't Explain Thier Order's Well... And Are Very Undecisive In What They Want To Eat All The Time... And Then They Have A Bad Habit Of Not Letting Me Finish Any Of My Task... That They Want Me To Do... And Still Yell At Me.. For Not Finishing... I'm Damned If I Do Or Don't... I'm Just So Tierd I Don't Even Care About Making Friendship's At This Place... I Feel Like I'm Not Wanted Here And Out Of Place... I'm Looking For Another Job.. Eventually.. They Treat Me Like Idk What I'm Doing If They All Left Me Alone... I Can Just Magically Do My Thing... But They Don't Allow Me Too.. " ☆ #WorkSux #Stress #Depression # Thought's ☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎▪︎☆

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invisible #Loneliness #Sadness

No matter what I do or post or talk... I'm always invisible. Even here. And there. Really doesn't matter what I do. The similar thoughts of others always have a great feedback but mine are completely INVISIBLE. Always. I'm so tired of this. I try to give responses and support to people but I almost never have replies. Everyone ignores me everywhere and anytime. I wanna vanish from this world soon, anyway nobody gives a shit. #invisible #imnobody #sad #tired #Whatever #lonely



#Present #dated d info #Whatever happened to . . .  #It 's 2020!

I surely do wish The Mighty would update some of these stories. I want to read what people are going through NOW, not three years ago (although interesting, not exactly topical).

Or maybe it's me. I've been exceptionally cranky lately, what with COVID-19 and all. Staying home doesn't bother me. It's what I've been doing for years now. How are other people managing? Are you staying home? Do you know anyone that got infected? What are you doing for your mental health? Am I dumb for even asking?

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caused by the medicine. I used to be normal. I’ve been declining thank you pharmaceutical companies for f ing me up and any others who think the same. I try everyday to be normal but my horrible thoughts bring me to want to blow my head off. I’m addictive to these pills that cause my soul to sleep and I’m drowning. im tired of being so numb. and no one can fix me. I can’t feel!!!!!! so I drink so I can feel something I don’t want your advice or to tell me your story or it’s bad. I’m done here i don’t care it u care this is my truth I’m done here. So I cope the only way I know how. I can’t listen so don’t bother.



I don’t even know why I keep posting stuff here. It’s not like anyone gives a shit anyway. Most people pretend to be. And when I do post my thoughts, I get trolled just like Facebook. I’m not even gonna explain why I’m feeling like this. It has fallen on deaf ears. #Whatever People will move on regardless if I kill myself or not.