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#about ME IVE FIUGHT melanoma have terrible terrible fibromyalgia , recent yrs system Medicare Drs etc network have failed me Daughter about in July

Day 28 of sick alone new house not unpacked. 3 infection,day 28 weakness ! Total, dehydrated, going down drain fear of unable to wake up in morn! Weight loss
Instant awful shrink and wrinkles
Pedialyte 24/7 , food/soup if could
Dr twice but 28 days and a Wed , so much to do. Can only go to restroom or kitchen bed or couch every day
Already disabled osteo and other painful bone on bone arthritis back bone spurs FIBRO more..... but live alone INDEPENDANT except few things for aid or delivry store or in house fix... and medications as must. Since 2013 and before , but disability since 2013 after 27 yr career raising family and NOT READY TO STOP BUT HAD TO AFTER EVERYONE KICKED THAT IN MY HEADCYOU MUST! For 2 years prior...... gotta go no djs Deb Debra :) #

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Djs reply to : #about me short note for now. I just saw your inbox . It was my son who got awful civid who I love " all that's possible❤️he was 29,

Vaccines not allowed for 30 or under tet Grrr mad mother
. He wrote all symptoms down till nerve problems made it hard to write , sweat puddles on floor anywhere he was;(
He was afraid alone in apt , told only 3 people. No one allowed in. I could only go to outside door , bring , per him min food .. short talks, couldn't hold him💔 clean sheets pillowcases, etc. fresh soft shirt comfy pants socks. He put 911 into his cell if fingers wouldn't type, his worry was heart attack or damage due to looking like heavy weight wrestler from inflamation... NO COUGH. Gov does NOT TELL ALL:) symptoms ETC. He got better after very long not thinking he would make it ,but wanted all things written down for others to know . Did hit send for 911 , by then could barely say come help or address!! At all!!:( TEAR!!!
I guess when I sent you?? Was after better and he talked 2 hours on phone every note and said more detail of things symptoms never heard with civid and tele calls with special , not the norm Drs who were truthful during on possible relief and advice. He is very intelligent! When he was dehydrated like SAHARA desert even drinking gallons!!!! Per day all day every day his biceps chests both sides forearms look like a huge heavyweight fighter!! Inflamation. Normal he is 6'4" long arms legs & thin but healthy. Like a pony! It was horrifying
He thought it would rupture his heart and anxiety also!! 911 gave IV WHICH HE SAID FELT LIKE HEAVEN!!! Once said not having heart attack . Left hospital not a good place to be then. Later toward end . He again went. But barely able to drive to ER TO be able to leave on his own.. again checking his heart. When we were on phone( we've always been close) he told me min by minute of this terrible virus he survived. My heart was breaking with each word,, just listening as hecreluced it and how much Gov and Drs do not tell us of so many other symptoms to nervous symptoms never his lungs! But easily not survived! And NOT ALLOWED VACCINE . Against Gov created virus. I died some inside . Not able to hold him thru it all!
Djs debr
I have tons of #about me.. disability many asst types pain divorce after 30 yrs ptsd arthritis depression ptsd, want to live happy , had to buy new small home.divorced 3 yrs then . 90 days in this home . My feelings . So much needed and want to help and learn from others... but I think your response was living thru what my precious grown then 29 yr old so son, went thru alone! Worst ever in world as adult. When mamma could not make better. It killed me....Deb #about me

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#about relationship#

Don't see the point being in a relationship.
You get with someone just to end up not liking the person anymore.


#about fear

About 3 years ago I went to a doctor about neck pain.. found out one disc had broken in my neck. Had surgery with a neurosurgeon she recommended ; only to have him screw up the surgery by cutting a nerve near or something near my vocal cords. It left me with one vocal the other paralyzed indefinitely. I wanted to sue him and the other doctor that was with him . I waited to long..I think having that money would give me more relative's that had only had negative stuff about.. Mostly lies ; my mother told them about me.. When I was younger I wondered what black sheep meant.. Took an extremely long time to get it but I got it. In my mid twenties, with the help of someone who I knew for only a few months. Growing up I always felt I was not normal..I would laugh sometimes but it was like the rest of kids at school. I was the nerd in junior high and high school. I will complete that part at another time. For as long as I can remember I was abuse if getting beat my mother with extension cord it would be with a wire hanger that she would straightened out. My babysitter/cousin who my mother put in charge of taking care of me..when she would do a double shift or when she and my aunt went to different places to meet a husband. I don't know what it was called then.. There are two rules that was pounded in my head I feel before honestly how to form a thought of my own...1. whatever happens in the house stays in the house...2. Respecting your elders.. and elder is considered at least two years older. My cousin who was about 16 or 17 year's old..I was 10 yrs younger than him... it started off as game.. really briefly still don't talk about it I have had therapist tell me to get over it and some that just money.. my whole paycheck.. sometime I would walk 2 miles... So I could for a therapist to ignore but she knew when the session was over. My abuse by my cousin ..he took my virginity at 13. My mother knew..I tried to tell her but she just would say tell le.... That is what he there for. When I struggle or make him mad he would tell my mother I was being disrespectful. So needless to say I had to apologise...and he would grab me a hug me hard. Most of bruises on the outside have had except one scar...In my life I have been abused so much it became normal..I shove everything down...My body was walking itself around...I quit the therapist. I grew up in a very sheltered environment no father. The only male in my life was my cousin.. After he tried to drown me... something inside I wanted to https://live.Eventualy he left. My mother eventually got married the most dangerous neighborhood.. Sometime you have to ask permission to walk down a block. The first night I spent in and sro; my own bed a door I can close and locked it took several months till I could sleep for a few hours. What made finally take a chance;one day on my way to school I was grab off the street thrown in a van. I was drugged and become a part of some porn..they took me back where..2021; I think I had a Tia


# fibro and other medical conditions

#about towards the end of last month I had really bad pain in my neck I couldn't move it at all I went through 2 lots of blood tests different tablets and then had to go for x-rays as the pain just kept getting worse well about a week later I got a phone call from my gp to tell me the results of my x-ray to which they told me that I had a hell of a lot of wear and tear down my neck and shoulders which is what we are putting down to Rheumatoid arthritis so along with the fibro I now have that Rheumatoid arthritis spondylitis depression and anxiety low vitamin d deficiency irritable leg syndrome two water work problems IBS and OCD is there any one else that has any of these medical problems if so how do you cope day to day with the pain and I've also been told that I have to lose weight 🤯😱


#about inflammatory diseases and fibromyalgia

I went to see my doctor today because for just over 3 weeks now I have had a very bad severe pain in the base of my neck which I can not look left or right or up and down Properly I can't hardly lift my arms for the pain and I have passed out twice it makes me feel sick and dizzy after she had finished her examination she said it looks like it could be an inflammatory disease but I hope not she said then as she sat down she said as fibromyalgia and inflammatory disease do not go together at all well. I have to see a if I can get into the blood test room in gainsborough hospital on Monday as that's when I have to get my testtests done and then before I left she said as soon as my test results come in she will ring me straight away which my doctor's have never ever done unless they find something in the test ( also she has put me on oral morphine which I took a full 5 mg dose before I came to bed at https://10.05PM and the pain is still there so I don't get why its still there after taking a 5ml before I came to bed



Healing is like when your pain becomes tolerable, you stop asking the question “ why me?”, and accept what you’re facing right now. Healing doesn’t mean that you stop being hurt, it just means that you start wanting to get better in spite of what happened to you, or vice versa. #about healing


#Too technical #Never understood #wise Mind

I took 5 rounds of dbt group therapy and never understood wise mind. Then I tried working one one one with my individual therapist. Never caught on! It was never explained in a way i could #figure it out ! Until now! I just did a 5 minute read on it. #about a bird. I finally got it! On the explanation of a BIRD!🤣🤣



since i’m new to this app i figured i’d let you all know a little bit about me:

- my name is danielle
- i am 24 years old
- i am a college graduate with one advance diploma for child and youth work (CYW) and am so close to completing my second diploma for educational support
- i have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and have been diagnosed since the age of 12
- i am constantly doubting my ability to one day be the best EA that i can to my future students due to the fact that I struggle with my mental health a lot. i would not want that to affect my ability to provide the proper education and care for the students
- i moved out of my parents house for the first time 5 and a half months ago. this was a huge but extremely positive change for me and my relationship with my parents
- my favourite movies are the nightmare before christmas and lilo and stitch

if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below in the comments. would love to get to know some do you guys and learn some fun facts!

#about me #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder