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#Too many medications!

I am taking
lamictal (300)
Seraquel (300)
Xanax 1Mg and PRn
ativan 1 my at night
Synthroid 5mg
I'm hypomanic and barely hanging on. Anyone else taking that much medication? It's got to affect my body negatively.

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Death is #Too #final

Here is a less painful summary! My heart is just now starting to pick itself up.


Depression Bed

I want to come up with a “Depression Bed” all you would have to do is come up with enough energy to press a button and whammo your out of bed! #help getting out of bed #Magic way to get out if bed. #Depression eject #Too tired to move

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Still Hurting... #Toxic People #Surviving #Unconditional Love #Too Nice

The tears just won't stop... Every time I think I do not have any left, My face is saturated with my tears from all the crying that never stops. It seems that I can't get any relief in this life for my sorrows and I can't find someone trained to give the right tools to work through things. I hate this. It's been all down hill and I am constantly fighting trying to fight my way back from illnesses and scars from my past. The worse part is I hate doing it alone. The one person I know loved me Unconditionally has long passed and every since that day I have been alone. I used to Pray to pass too because I couldn't live with the pain. But I tried to make my impression with hopes that someone would be saved from have to ever experience any of my sorrow. But I now realize no one cares nd when I part this Earth no one will miss me. I am so Broken, but I want to fight. But I just can't anymore... I am consumed by Hurt and Scars...

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Could everybody please who reads this post say a prayer or send some good thoughts towards my daughter Jennifer. She has cerebral palsy there's nothing wrong with her brain she's in a nursing home and has been for at least 6 to 8 years. She's undergone a lot of grueling things. She was rushed into the hospital tonight again she has a severe kidney infection bladder infection and other infections and an extremely large kidney stone she needs a stent put in her kidney and there's some other issues going on. I'm really beginning to worry a lot. If it wasn't for her she wouldn't be in the hospital because they ignore people in nursing homes even when I'm calling and yelling. So if you would send a good thought to the universe for her I would appreciate it.
# Kidney disease
# osteopenia
# osteoarthritis
#Raynard syndrome
# neuropathy
#Too tired to think


Ugh this time of day shouldn’t exist….

Up stupid o’clock 8am to wait maybe all day for a dr to call me. I don’t know if I can stay conscious I bearly slept overnight cuz didn’t manage to drop off asleep til 3am maybe. But I also can’t afford to miss the call. Bleh #ChronicIllness #Too tired to add the rest


What is worse?

I don't know which is worse: being up All nite without sleep completely,OR going to sleep early, then waking up a couple hours later and not able to go back to sleep AT ALL!!?? The second one is like a Tease: gives you a taste of sleep,which is great! BUT that's ALL you get!! No more sleep,period!
Then,the Up All Nite with NO Sleep whatsoever !! And then Up All Day with No naps! And the Big Question is,Will I Sleep Tonite?? Which tortures you ALL Day!!. What will you do as bedtime approaches? Which would you prefer?? The Tease or the Guarantee?? Or,do you want to be surprised?? Which do you want???!!

#Insomnia ,#Bipolar 2, #Anxiety ,#RA & OSTEOARTHRITIS,#Fibromyalgia ,#chronic Pain,#spinal discs & nerve involvement,#Torn Hip Lable anchor,#Neuropathy ,#PTSD ,#Depression ,#chronic Eye disorder,mainly Double Vision,#Increasing number of Falls,#Quad Cane for mobility assist,#MORE Anger,#Stressincrease ,#coloring to help Decrease Stress at home,#photosensitivity ++ Rashes,#chronic Itching,#chronic Frustration,#Too Many Meds that I Need All of Them,#Peppermint Ice Cream as go-to Comfort Food when Pizza not available,#My Own Music Therapy,#a Christian & Believer in Prayer,#Wordiness - not know when to Shut Up!!!#a Highly Sensitive Person,#a TV time Rationer on purpose to keep stress & anxiety at lower amount,#Art Lover- just not talented to produce Art myself,# The End.

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Feeling not %#Too up to Par

Thank was will try to get some food and chill with Lily


#Too many down days

I have BPD, along with chronic anxiety and major depression. But of late, I've mainly been experiencing non-productive dark days. Just staying in bed and thinking about ending it. I was receiving mindfulness therapy face-to-face until the covid restrictions came in. We've come to the end of the government sponsored sessions and the therapist doesn't want to see me again. This is because I didn't make enough progress. I think my doctor agrees, which has made me mistrusting of her. I know I need to lift my game but I'm finding it increasingly hard to summon up the resilience i was known for.