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#Loneliness Pandemic

The worldly, alluring WOMAN is the Wealth Objectification Mutual Aid Network that is oppressing the workers who are also the taxpayers and consumer of the goods & services on the market.

That same WOMAN has the PR-marketing firms to make you & your children believe they need, want, or will wish they had a way to get what is being advertised.

Their goal is to make you feel dissatisfied with how you look, dress, live, and to get you to start being addicted to something that undermines your health & healthy relationships.

The Mighty is one of the places where we can begin to form another WOMAN…the one where we decide to be individuals, families, a form of an adoptive, blended family who are the Wellbeing Oriented Mutual Aid Network.

Together we can form TEAMS & bloom where we are planted or as we connect around the world. Perhaps some TEAMS are ready to socialize by talking in group formats where we can hear each other but not see each other, like in the free Clubhouse App.

Because we all must have a way to pay our bills, and we want to help each other stay away from scammers, we formed the Global GreenBiz WOMAN Clubhouse.

Although I cycle through here to offer encouragement & to seek it, at times, I have made no real friends to even mention anyone. #lonely #wise #scamInterruptor #happyByChoice one of the #WellnessWeavers

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#Too technical #Never understood #wise Mind

I took 5 rounds of dbt group therapy and never understood wise mind. Then I tried working one one one with my individual therapist. Never caught on! It was never explained in a way i could #figure it out ! Until now! I just did a 5 minute read on it. #about a bird. I finally got it! On the explanation of a BIRD!🤣🤣