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What I am learning from Bi Polar and Post Traumatic Recovery

Wow, up til 1 am or 2 am, refereeing exhuberant or extremely volatile arguments is not cool, leave an argument, unless the argument corners you in your room, it hurts, can't think that someone else who is good looking would have to recover from Bipolar, must be hard, realistically I don't think I have psych outbursts unless triggered by someone's violence, shredding my newest dress, yelling uncontrollably at my kid, my kid leaving at 1 30 am alone walking the street, my kid having outbursts and a change in personality since Dec 27th 2023, my kid and husband erasing numbers of family and friends, being beach slapped due to lies of a neighbour I never met but spoke with only once or twice on phone, bullying, enduring and SI, and no financial ability to move, and difficulties with transportation, trust, and abuse to visit family, if is not Bipolar, it's Bullying, I'm in EA #emotional Abuse Survivors, #BipolarDisorder , #AbuseSurvivors , #abuse,domestic #si #s

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Power and Control Wheel

Kit Gurelle, a longtime advocate for domestic violence victims who works alongside police had some chilling observations regarding the Petito-Laudrie-police interaction shown in the body-cam video from Moab. I think police need better training in recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

The Power and Control Wheel is from the National Domestic Hotline website. #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #abuse,domestic #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor

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