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I need tips/advice for disciplining myself

Anyone got any disciplining tips for someone with ADHD cuz I find it really hard to control myself from falling into the same routine n habits😭.
But dont do it in a "I'll help u🌸🌷🥰" way, do it like ur my coach or something bc unfortunately I need to be pressured or guilt to actually follow any tips.

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Emotional dysregulation #ADHD #ADHDInGirls

Just to clarify, I'm not professionally diagnosed yet.
But I think I have ADHD, to which I read can also cause emotional dysregulation, something I find myself struggling with on a daily basis.
Any tips on how I can manage it?
Cuz it's really disturbing me, and possibly my relationships with my parents as well.

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Has anyone tried lamotrigine?

Has anyone tried lamotrigine for their sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD or other neurodiversity?
Did it work? Did you like it? Were there side effects? Would you recommend the medication?
Thank you!

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ADHD Makes Everything Feel Like Work

Living in my ADHD-infused world feels like riding a rollercoaster designed by a mad scientist. Throw in a dash of complex PTSD, a sprinkle of severe anxiety, and a dollop of major depressive disorder, and you've got yourself a mental health carnival. It's not just a journey; it's a wild, unpredictable ride.Imagine attempting to tackle everyday tasks when your brain decides to play hide-and-seek with executive function. Chores become these epic sagas, and the to-do list looks like a novel you never signed up to write. Social interactions? Well, that's a carefully orchestrated dance of preparing for potential distraction-induced tangents.
ADHD, my dear friend, makes even the simplest things feel like solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded.Now, let's talk about the "ADHD tax" – the extra costs I rack up because, let's face it, adulting is hard. Late fees? Check. Takeout instead of cooking? You bet. And don't even get me started on hiring someone to tackle the never-ending laundry mountain because, frankly, wrestling with a fitted sheet is an Olympic-level challenge.And then, like the plot twist in a quirky sitcom, enter PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It's like having the emotional equivalent of a petting zoo inside your head. Tasks that others breeze through become monumental achievements for me. It's not just navigating life; it's herding a bunch of emotional llamas through a maze.But hey, here's the kicker – acceptance. I've learned to embrace this chaotic circus. Sure, I might not be juggling balls; I'm juggling mental health conditions.
It's not about being a superhero; it's about being a badass for surviving this daily this neurodivergent, mental health carnival, seeking support isn't a weakness; it's the golden ticket. Friends and family become the sidekicks in this wild adventure, helping me tackle the rollercoaster with a bit more swagger.So, here I am, riding the ADHD coaster with PTSD llamas, anxiety acrobats, and depression jugglers. It's not a sitcom; it's my life. And honestly, it's a hell of a show. #ADHDInGirls #Adulting #MentalHealth #anxiey

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Ardnasilet. I'm here because most of the time I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed with my daily tasks. I’m looking forward to seeking the support my family and I need. I am the mother of twin girls, one of them recently diagnosed with ADHD & ODD. I often wonder what their future holds for them and the fact that I’m not always going to be there hunts me every second. I would like to learn more about coping mechanisms and strategies to help improve my anxiety and other mental illnesses. Looking forward to supporting everyone.

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Migraine #Depression #ADHD #ADHDInGirls #odd

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Tough it undiagnosed adhd #ADHD #UndiagnosedADHD #Neurodiversity

I'm a final year medical student now ....and I struggle everyday to survive ...even daytoday tasks require extra effort for me to complete when the same came naturally to others.... lectures; don't even mention them... it's a lost that I look back I always had a tough childhood always inattentive in class and lost things....i don't even remember using pens and pencils completely....never done any homeworks thanks to my friend I survived...never studied unless there is an exam next day.....but I used to ace my exams back then as topics were minimal and can be covered ....i always did things impulsively or at the very last moment...but as I studied or rather survived in medical school....I came to know about all the things about adhd and all and it was so relatable and I did many screening tests upon which I got >90% chances ...i thought of consulting the psychiatric department in my hospital but I'm hesitant to get a diagnosis...i think I dont wanna accept the reality....if I got one there is no going back...if I didn't get one I can always live in my delulu that I'm just like everyone else.... it's just my laziness...not adhd paralysis ...and there is this another version of me who want to get done with this and be on medication so that I could just know how a quiet brain works #ADHD #ADHDInGirls #UndiagnosedADHD

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Hi! I’m new here

Hello. I am new here and hopeful to get some support. I was just diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and ADHD yesterday. I am terrified - knowing this a life long disorder, the possible instability of the highs and lows, the stigma attached to it, and the effects on my poor family. I just need to know I’m not alone in this. #Bipolar1 #ADHDInGirls #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

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Autism Diagnosis

I’m considering getting a formal autism diagnosis (I’m a woman, self diagnosed, late diagnosed, 30 years old, in the US). I’m also going to be getting an ADHD diagnosis so I can get that treated (for the first time).
Does anyone have any input on whether diagnosis was a positive for their life or negative? And how?
Do you recommend getting diagnosed?
What was the process like, and how much did it cost? How difficult was it?

Some specifics I’d like to know- did getting diagnosed offer you more opportunities or freedom? Or did it end up denying you things or access?

Since this is something that can’t been undone and has such far reaching implications I’d love any experiences and insight you fellow autistics can offer.


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