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Got new AFOs and Billy shoes #

I finally got new AFOs after my old ones sorely needed retirement. I wear bilateral AFOs because I am very good at spraining my ankles. Before I got AFOs, I wore ankle aircasts, but my doctor prescribed AFOs after I tore a ligament while watching TV (yes, I’m that talented).
Anyway, my new AFOs are slightly different than my old ones and I struggled to find shoes to fit them, mostly because my foot is naturally shaped weird and the AFO only accentuates that (I have three extra sesamoids per foot, collapsed arches, and my foot is literally the length and width of a standard brick, not to mention I have an extremely high instep at 3in tall).
I ended up getting Billy Shoes (will add a link at the bottom), but I had to get men’s because of my weird foot proportions (who cares no biggy— just mentioning in case anyone else has a similar shoe-finding challenge).
Something that also helped was doing bar lacing instead of the standard crisscross lacing; it relieves pressure on the top of the foot and gives more length to the laces for tying.
That’s all just wanted to share this in case anyone else is struggling!

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#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #HypermobileTypeEDS #AFOproblems


Cool adaptive kids clothing #Autism #CP  #DownSyndrome

I would like to introduce inc kid. A new cool adaptive kids clothing line featuring big openings at the neck, sleeve and leg to make dressing easier and fit AFOs/ orthotics and hand splints. All our clothes are developed alongside occupational therapists and physiotherapists and trialed on kids with diverse needs. We are inclusive.
#AdaptiveClothing #adaptivekidsclothing #Autism #CerebralPalsy#DownSyndrome #SpinaBifida
#MuscularDystrophy #DropFoot #AnkleFootOrthosis #Splints #orthotics #AFOs #DEXTERITY #Arthritis #JuvenileArthritis #Disability

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#kafos #AFOs #OrthopedicBraces #EDSAwareness #HypermobileTypeEDS

So I got my kafos today did pretty good walking with them didn't need a walker or rollerader still need time to learn to drive with them and deal wearing them all day and have breaks when I'm not on my feet but first day using them I think it turned out pretty good

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I'm going to my local hangers clinic in a couple weeks to get some afos or some kfos I won't know what the doctor will prescribe me till he sees me I have problems with both my ankles and knees hyperextending i know afos can have stoppers but does that help anyone with advice


I'm going to a orthopedic doctor to get me some braces for my legs and maybe a back brace so my question is what should I know and questions to ask

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Fibromyalgia #AFOs #kfos #bracing

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Did you ever want to dress up your AFO ?

I make fashionable leg brace covers
Let me know what you think
# braceforfashion #Legbraced #AFOs #Afobrace