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I'm unsure if its time for getting custom braces

I have hEDS and my leg pain is becoming excruciating. So much so to the point where standing is often exhausting even with constant weight shifting. My feet are full of sharp pains that get worse when I walk. My plantar fasciitis pain is still really bad despite $50 inserts (insurance is difficult for 1st steps) and my Achilles tendinitis is coming back in full force. I don't roll my ankles too often, my ligaments are so loose that it's never injured me though, I usually just end up with a bruised knee. But I have problems with them wobbling when I'm standing still, even flat foot. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on bringing this up to a doctor/how I can word it? I have to wait for medicaid to go through since I had to quit my job for my health 2 months ago so at least I have time to figure out how to word it I guess lol. #AnkleFootOrthosis #HEDS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

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Cool adaptive kids clothing #Autism #CP  #DownSyndrome

I would like to introduce inc kid. A new cool adaptive kids clothing line featuring big openings at the neck, sleeve and leg to make dressing easier and fit AFOs/ orthotics and hand splints. All our clothes are developed alongside occupational therapists and physiotherapists and trialed on kids with diverse needs. We are inclusive.
#AdaptiveClothing #adaptivekidsclothing #Autism #CerebralPalsy#DownSyndrome #SpinaBifida
#MuscularDystrophy #DropFoot #AnkleFootOrthosis #Splints #orthotics #AFOs #DEXTERITY #Arthritis #JuvenileArthritis #Disability


Why do I constantly rub my feet together? When I’m anxious, going to sleep, thinking, watching tv. Does anyone else do it? #question #anxious #Sleep

Ever since I was very young I noticed I always rub my feet together. I will do it to the point of discomfort at times. I will do it when I’m going to sleep, just laying down, at the doctors, anxious, just sitting, and watching tv. My legs and feet will become tired from doing it so much and I won’t want to stop doing it. I only notice it when my feet/ ankles become tired or they start to hurt from rubbing together. I think it’s really weird that I do it and I don’t want to keep doing it. #Habit #Uncomfortable #Feet #AnkleFootOrthosis #Rub #Nervoushabit

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