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    Felt the end was coming yesturday

    Everything had boikednto breaking point yesturday i ended up in bed crying but my wonderful girlfriend came because she had a gut feeling and made me feel so much better and i will be so grateful for that #Depression #anixeity #Borderline Bipolar depression


    I feel like giving up.

    I feel like giving up. Why should I keep going. #BipolarDepression #anixeity #sucidalThoughts .


    The struggle is real #boarderlinepersonalitydisorder #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis #anixeity #overwelmed

    I don't even know how to put this into words. But I am tired and drained by everyone coming to me for help. I hurt and now I have to unpack my stuff and mop my floors because my apartment building sprayed for bugs which the spray maded me feel worse. But on a good note I don't want to SH. Today. YAY.
    I planned for today to just rest but I had to leave my apartment for the day because I had to be out of my apartment for 4 to 5 hours. So I am hungry and tired.
    I didn't ask for any of this. Added to everything i have a dr's appointment tomorrow which i am scared to go to.


    I feel like a lot things just don't make sense if you wanna leave just leave don't let me rely on you I can just be alone
    #Depresion #biploar #anixeity #alone



    I Meditated today, for the first time and after opening my eyes I just sat there and cried not thinking of anything really. Just released built up anxiety 😬, I feel drained ,tired now. But I dont want to sleep ! I think Meditation could help ? #CheerMeOn #anixeity #Fatigue


    no one really cares. #Depression #anixeity

    when u finally open up about what u’ve through thinking ppl would really give a fuck and care , it turns out that u fucked up when did it.