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Friendship obligation?

I'm going to try and condense this as much as possible but I really need to vent. I have an online friend who also has mental health problems. She gets on medication and comes off them and it seems like it's become a pattern. She goes back and forth on wanting to do therapy. Anyway it was Thursday night and she had messaged me about how she had a panic attack at her husband's familys house. It turned into her snapping at me and I wasn't really sure why. She's done this one other time in the past when she was going through a really rough patch, had just quit her meds again and I had said it could be withdrawal. She felt I was invalidating. Anyway after her snapping at me on Thursday night she then text me a little later talking suicide. I replied and told her she was loved and needed. Then she just left me on read. I didn't sleep well that night because I was really worried about her. I sent her a message on her Facebook saying we didn't need to talk but could she let me know she was ok. Left me on read until late morning, and only after a mutual friend was able to get a hold of her over Facebook that she sent a message saying just saying"I'm ok"

I will a little angry at this point. Then on Friday she sent me another message just saying hi. I replied and asked her how she was feeling. She said she was feeling a certain way but was ok. I left it after that because I felt overwhelmed. She had been posting on Facebook about how bad she felt. After talking it over with my husband I decided to message her to tell her that leaving me to worry like that wasn't ok. She then sent a barrage of texts saying no one cares about her and that she was suffering so much. I have always shown I've cared about her. We talk almost everyday. I've sent her Christmas gifts and cards etc. She said she needed the type of friend who could "pull her out of the gutter"

After that I waited and then spoke to her last night and made conversation about other things. Which she seemed happy to do. Am I being unreasonable or is that a lot of pressure to put on someone? I'm sad and stressed about it all. #Suicide #Depression #Friendship #overwelmed

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I'm having to do this with a friend right now. She's always had mental health issues but refuses to stay on medication or do any therapy. I'm trying to keep myself afloat while also trying to support her. I am so very tired and just need a break so I can collect myself and rest. #MentalHealth #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #overwelmed

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Christmas crap

I'm struggling so much today, I woke up to complete panic and then sobbed. My husband and I live in a very toxic house (in laws and can't afford to move) and I'm not sure if I can participate in Christmas day because of my mental health right now. I'm sure everyone (other than my husband) will hate me for that and talk about me behind my back. Im just so done with everything. #Bipolar #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #Family #toxicfamily #Christmas #Depression #overwelmed #MentalHealth

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To much to bare

I have been going thre so much the last two years my depression and anxiety have been running wild it took me a very long time to feel safe enough to talk to someone and to get the right some one to talke to in regards to a professional ,now if he is the right person to talke to I don't know as we have been seeing each other for a year now and all I can say is things as got worse but I will say one thing for him he got the cogs moving on other things I have a ortisum test witch I would not of got with out him I have been assigned a community mental health worker these are good things I know that so I'm happy for that but things have got so out of hand with my mental health I'm cutting dayly I even maid a plan witch I disclosed to him that's why I got community mental health worker cause he was worried and so was I ,I have so much I want to say but I don't I bottle it it's just so much for me to bare #MentalHealth #anxiaty #Selfharm #overwelmed #Suicide

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#Anxiety #OCD #Autism #overwelmed

Section 8 housing forms, for porting (transferring) to another county is really hard for me with my Autism. The paperwork is driving me nuts! Anyone else have this problem?

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#Christian #Stress #Anxiety #overwelmed #stircrazy #lonely #OCD #ADHD #Aspergers

Even though I know I’m sane. I feel like I’m loosing it with the way COVID has almost everyone so scared that I have virtually no one to hang out with. The few friends I have are so busy that I rarely see them and rarely hear from them. I’m told that building a social network of friends is a good thing; this COVID though is making it even harder than before to build such relationships. I’m not saying that I don’t have a hand in my own problem: my OCD, Asperegers, and ADHD have made socializing difficult for me.
It is also difficult for me to enjoy myself anywhere because of the mask mandate. I have chronic #seborrheic Dermatitus which the masks will aggravate. Come to think of it even though a primary care physician told me that was what I had on my face and head; a formal diagnosis from a dermatologist would be a good idea, just to make extra sure that that is what is causing the cradle cap and white to yellow flakes that generat on my face.
I just feel really like I’m loosing mental health through the #quarantine like state that people still live in, the prison of fear, the lack of seeing people real people smile.
I feel like all my #dreams are crashing down around me. God is in control though. I may not be able to see hope through this storm ⛈ but God has a perfect plan for my life. He has a perfect plan for all of you my brothers and sisters! Don’t give up! Keep your eyes on the prize! Keep your eyes on Jesus! God bless you all!

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Working on my pictures

This week is quite difficult. With my workload I don’t have time to paint or draw. I fulfilled my need to be creative by working on my picture. #Insomnia #overwelmed #ADHD #Anxiety


Being overwhelmed…..

Feeling so overwhelmed right now I don’t even know what to do where to start or anything. Just want to curl up in a ball and for the world to go away. #overwelmed


The struggle is real #boarderlinepersonalitydisorder #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis #anixeity #overwelmed

I don't even know how to put this into words. But I am tired and drained by everyone coming to me for help. I hurt and now I have to unpack my stuff and mop my floors because my apartment building sprayed for bugs which the spray maded me feel worse. But on a good note I don't want to SH. Today. YAY.
I planned for today to just rest but I had to leave my apartment for the day because I had to be out of my apartment for 4 to 5 hours. So I am hungry and tired.
I didn't ask for any of this. Added to everything i have a dr's appointment tomorrow which i am scared to go to.


Too much at once and I feel overwhelmed

I don’t know what to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work, home, and personal life. Trying to catch up, trying to focus but it feels like every day something more is put on my plate. I enjoy my job and my loved ones family and friends are here for me but I feel like I spend most of my time drowning in work and worrying about or helping others. I want to help, and I’m always there for whoever needs but I’m feeling drained. I don’t like asking for help myself and don’t really know how to right now. #overwelmed #tired #Anxiety #Depression