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☆" EXHAUSTED!!! " #Work #depession #Burnout

° " Well I Didn't Know I Was Supposed To Be Off Today... My Boss Told Me That She Had Put Me... Off Mon -Tues... Apparently I Was Off Today Too But I Went Into Work Anyway's... My Male Boss Asked Me To Please Stay.. So I Stayed And Helped Out.. Atleast He Actually Respect's Me And Give's Me My Lunch Break's... My Main Boss Never Give's Me Lunch Break's... He Was Very Greatful That I Showed Up On Accident... And Alway's Ask How I'm Feeling And Doing... Which I Never Get From My G.M... I'm Supposed To Work Tomarrow But I'm Not Going In I'm In Pain And In Need Of Sleep.. I Told Him Today That This Job Is Making Me Feel Very Burnout And That I'm Looking For Somewhere Else To Go... " ° #Burnout ▪︎¤▪︎Skaoi Kvitravn▪︎¤▪︎

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Smol puppy

Recently finished despite dealing with crippling depression these last few months.

Needless to say I’m very happy with how this turned out, I just need to shut my brain off and stop nitpicking 😂 and now I cannot wait for trick or treat!

#depession #Anxity #Depression #ChronicDepression

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Hi everyone! Looks like we made it through another Monday! Have a nice evening!💛

#depession #Anxiety #CPTSD #EatingDisorders #Childhoodtrauma #LGBTQ


is it in attractive when men complain about something

I mean if your in a relationship and you come home and complain about that one jerk you work with once in a while. is it unattractive does it cause a void between us if I feel I have problems and talk about them. because my friends wife always seems to discount my complaints or reasons why I'm doing something as excuses and it makes me feel awful like theres no point in talking at all. and i wonder if shes doing that to my friend. then I thought does it mean I'm weak, does it mean I'm not a man, does it make me unattractive to women, will it ruin my relationships if I talk about it.

#Relationships #Abusive #AbusiveRelationship #depession #Anxiety #Insecure #Trust #EmotionalAbuse #


#Anxiety #depession

I’m supposed to go to my coworkers tonight for a party but i’ve been talking myself out of it all day to just stay home alone and I’m not sure what to do. I feel like staying home alone will win


so I started working again and it's been a month so far so good but I'm worried my depression and BPD is going to act up and I'll have to stop working https://again.I took the backshift so my anxiety wouldn't act up too badly but I'm fighting to keep myself sane. #depession #BPD #Anxiety