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Anybody else get nightmares/ stressful dreams of being back in the psych hospital even years after having been there? 😫 anytime I’m stressed and overwhelmed in real life, I end up having these dreams. PTSD response perhaps? (I’m diagnosed with it). #PsychiatricHospital #Hospitalization #dreams #anybodyelse #PTSD

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Anybody else? #Anxiety #help #anybodyelse #Relationships

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everything has been perfectly fine. Perfectly fine. We’ve been together 7 months. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh. We have a good time together. We tak a lot. We’ve been able to talk through our problems. He’s been there for me when I’m feeling low, when I’ve had an anxiety attack. He does things for me without asking. He brings me things I like without asking. He’s been great. And all of a sudden my anxiety has been freaking out and taking it out on him in the sense that out of nowhere I’m having thoughts of breaking up. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to ruin this good thing that I have. Maybe it’s other factors of my life that are making me anxious but it’s picking at out relationship. But I don’t want to lose him. Anyone else ever feel like this? What do I do? Do I talk to him about it?