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I'm sorry

I feel like I'm the only one in my family capable of saying "I'm sorry". I say "I'm sorry" too much, honestly, I know that and I'm working on it.. but I feel like most people I encounter, even outside of my family, are either too uncomfortable to say it or don't think of it. If I say I've been hurt by something, people either disappear or blame me for my hurt feelings (too sensitive
, or I'm making it up because they don't remember it [because I often address things later than in the moment which is something I need to work on], or I'm just being crazy).

I understand that a person can not be sorry for something.. but it does hurt when I go to someone and say "I felt hurt because of what you did" and it gets passed over or worse.

Am I toxic for searching for apologies or are they toxic for never saying any... I don't know to be honest.

#imsorry #apologies #toxicfamily #Depression #Family #Support #processing

Pic of items that make me feel better

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I wanted to offer my sincere apologies to all of you 😞. My Daily Inspiration post from yesterday upset some people: "The quieter you are the better you will succeed". I honestly didn't mean to offend anyone. What I meant by the comment was to say not to show off in your success. I didn't mean to imply I condone any kind of abuse or any kind of illegal activity. I'm a survivor myself. I completely understand where you were all coming from. From now on I will be more clearer in my posts. Please know I will always be here for you 🤗🤗❤️❤️. #apologizing #apologies #Forgiveness


I Choose.

My husband and I have this show call Atypical and we both love it (if you don't watch is you should, highly recommend it and it's on Netflix) and Doug and Elsa (the mother and father have marital issues (watch it to know what they are). And from a few of my posts I've made it fairly clear that things were a bit tempestuous with my husband at the moment due to my setting boundaries. BUT...in this show,Doug asks for advice as to what to do about his pending separation from Elsa. To which Doug's co-worker Chuck says to him, "As far as I am concerned marriage is a choice you have to get up every morning and make. Are you making that choice?"

Well, here is where that ties in so bear with me folks...I did receive lots of apologies from my husband for his behavior and he did explain how he felt but did NOT justify it bc he knew he'd really done wrong. But where that last paragraph comes into play is he sent me a text the following morning that ended in, "I know I really messed up but I want to choose marriage everyday like the dad from our show."

And now that's not to say that he doesn't or he hasn't. It's just to say, "maybe I should make a conscious effort NOT to be a horse's a$$. Just like how she get up every day and deals with me being one." And I could genuinely respect that.

#Anxiety #MentalHealth #apologies

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#Sorry #apologies #Narcassisticabuse

When people who can’t apologize say/do something that hurts someone, they love to say things like:

“I’m sorry you’re so sensitive.”
“Stop trying to make me feel bad.”
“I won’t apologize for who I am.”
“I am not going to change for you.”
“Stop making everything about you.”
“I’m happy with who I am.”
“Well you hurt my feelings too.”
“I think we both messed up.”
“Why can’t we just move past this?”
“Why do you have to make an issue out of every little thing?”
“You’re ruining what could be a nice day together.”
“I’m sorry that this is something that hurts your feelings.”
“Do you think this actually about how your parents treated you?”
“Maybe you just need to eat something?”
“I’m sorry you need someone different than me.”
“I think you’re being manipulative.”

Can you think of any others?

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Apologies. #apologies #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I have such a hard time with this. People always tell me all the time: “don’t ever apologize for who you are.” But what if you despise the person you are? What if you overthink every single conversation with anyone you come into contact with? Even your closest friends,family? I haven’t been able to get a hold on this. It’s something I believe I’ll forever struggle with. Has anyone ever overcome this?