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Today is rough

I am just overwhelmingly exhausted today. Can’t really seem to get much done without needing to lie down and nap. I know I’m vitamin D deficient, and I’m only a few days off of Ativan so could be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms from that. I long for a day where I’m energized and can get simple tasks accomplished. #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #exhaustion #Ativan #Low vitamin d deficiency


Asking doctor for meds without sounding like a drug seeker

So my doctor has me on ativan and I have taken it for 5 years. I took some Xanax instead recently and I feel that it works better. I don’t know how to tell my doctor without sounding like I’m seeking drugs. Any tips? #Xanax #Ativan #Anxiety #Doctor #help


#Anxiety #PanicDisorder #PanicAttack #Benzos #Ativan #scared Doctor isn’t going to renew benzo script after five years of taking them.

What do you do when the doctor takes you off benzodiazepines abruptly? I have been on Ativan for 5 years daily and all the sudden I can’t get a refill. I have no insurance and am able to go to a clinic that does not prescribe scheduled meds. I am scared already knowing that I am going to hurt. I am trying to relax, ground, meditate, etc. But I am already freaking out and find it hard to cope. Very difficult and was looking for advice. Thanks.


What is the highest dose of #Xanax or #Benzos a dr has ever allowed you?

My psychiatrist has been giving me 1 mg Ativan 3x daily as needed. So 90 a month. It used to be that I barely got thru the script or had some left but since the narcissistic abuse, they barely touch my anxiety. The thing is they don’t help the obsession and that’s what causes my anxiety... I have a friend w a Xanax script who will give me some but I know that’s slightly more addictive and dangerous w alcohol, etc. just wondering what others get as therapeutic doses of #Benzos , #Ativan #Xanax etc. I do have #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder and #PanicAttacks ...