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My Face Says it all today..

I'm not feeling *that* bad, physically. A little weak/sore, and rather sleepy/tired. I don't have my #narcolepsy meds until tomorrow so I'll end up napping at some point... But I can move around and I did get some things done today.

I'm mostly frustrated because I can't drive. I need to get to the store, but my husband is away and even if I had a car, I can't drive because aside from being terrified, I'm not sure I could do it anyway.

There's already so many noises and other big sensory input being just a passenger, actually controlling the car would be too much, I'm sure. I never learned, originally because no one wanted to teach me. But every time someone has tried since, I've had a meltdown/panic attack and had to stop very shortly into the lesson.

Most of my friends live too far to come here and take me, either. I hate that I can't do some things others can do easily.

Usually I wouldn't change anything about my #Autism . Usually I'm fine with it. But certain things like this get to me, especially because they get in my way of being independent. I should be patting myself on the back for accomplishing so much housework in the last few days, but instead, I'm stuck chiding myself for not being able to drive.

#IndependentLiving #AutisticAdults #Autisticandanxious #Autisticmind


The Limits of my Autistic Body - Relate? #MentalHealth #Autism #CheckInWithMe

For a Autistic person 16 hours can just be like doing 30 hours a week at work. Frustration #MentalHealth #Autism
“ I could stamp in my own shit” Just want to break mugs , kick the bin..
But Going to draw and sleep it out. #rest #Autisticmind #Autisticbody #Work #Working
I can be very active like 10k running, hours of walking, shopping till my feet hurt xx
I can reach my limits and need to put stuff on hold for a week or more and others could be just few hours rest day or two. #time #CheckInWithMe

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