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It's a madhouse!

Today I found out that my friend Naomi lost her job at the (forgive me the name is withheld) company that does upholstry for busses and limos. They're a busy business and she's barely there over a month and already terminated. This is because she made only a few mistakes that were not devastating, but fixable clairical errors. I feel so bad that she had that happen to her. She went through a lot today, as I could hear her crying over the phone. I do not know exactly what time it happened, but it seemed to have occured early in the morning upon her arrival to work. She said it was not the best environment to work within and that there were some things that happened there that were not very good.

One time, she was on the phone with someone who called and was saying he was making a complaint about something (as this is the company's corporate headquarters) and the other lady asked who was on the phone to Naomi. Naomi put the client on hold and said to her who it was and then the lady said to Naomi "HANG UP RIGHT NOW," as it was someone who was trying to sue the company for something that they were dissatisfied with. Ugh. Then there was a time a lady manager got pissed off and slammed her hand down on the desk because she heard Naomi answering a question in spanish that was asked to her by the other girl who spoke spanish about a work related task. She said that they are not allowed to speak spanish, and that they were only allowed to speak english. WOW... That was a huge WTF moment.

Lets just say that things are tough all around for a LOT of people out there. My friend Natalie in NJ has also told me that she was hired for a job, and she bought the clothes required and have all the paperwork signed, but was not given a start date, or a call when she is supposed to start. She contacted them, but management said that they would contact her back. Um.. that's just fucking weird. THIS is what companies are doing to people these days. It's insane. Absoloutely insane.

Valerie Climenhaga
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It's happening again

I am having another major dip. I just started a new job and even though it is literally perfect, exactly what I was looking for, I am so consumed with anxiety and depression that I can barely function. I don't know what is wrong with me. I didn't use to be like this. I used to work 2 jobs with no anxiety at all! I'm a mess right now and I cannot quit because this type of opportunity does not come often. I will regret quitting. I might consider switching medications because I don't think mine is helping. I need advice from people about how to work when you are in a depressive episode and just so heavily riddled with anxiety. I literally just started so I can't ask for time off or start getting into my issues. It's too early for me to do that. Has anyone done well on Prozac? That's what I might switch to. Has anyone struggled with work but able to push through?
#Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Working #Stress #Medication

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Ending Relationships! Who is to Blame?

How many relationships have you ended do to toxic behaviors? The family member, coworkers, friends, that have made you feel uncomfortable, not understood, unworthy of love or acceptance? I’m willing to bet that most of us on this site have experienced this. After years of therapy, group and with a trauma therapist, I’ve come to realize that, as unpopular as this is, I am also to blame for the ending of these relationships. I’ve had a long conversation with a former family member that I cut out of my life due to what I perceived as a toxic relationship. I blamed her for most of my self esteem problems and felt that she was one of the causes of my mental health problems. Over Thanksgiving, she took the bold step to try to reconnect with me. I’m grateful that she did. After a long emotional conversation, I’ve come to realize that the people I cut out of my life for being toxic we’re glad that I was gone. They saw me as toxic! The one who was always so quick to judge, who always said they were putting everyone else first, but in reality, that was far from the truth. I know that when I cut these people out of my life I thought they would miss me and regret that I was not there. Just the opposite happened. They were relieved that I was gone. A very hard lesson to learn. Be careful what you wish for. Cutting “toxic” people out of your life isn’t always the answer. Maybe, just maybe, you are the toxic one who has caused a lot of hard ache for people. Maybe you are the one who needs a good look in the mirror. Maybe you were selfish and overthinking everything. I’m forever grateful that my family member was willing to share with me the hard truths and that we can begin to come together. I need to stop blaming others and start looking at their lives and their challenges and how they are trying to be fair. I have a dual diagnosis of Bipolar and BPD. I need to work on not letting my diagnosis define all my relationships as toxic. Hard work ahead but worth it in the end ! #Working towards healing relationships. #self reflection #BPD #Bipolar

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Been hanging around for a while… #Fibromyalgia #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS) #coeliac #Bronchiectasis

Hi I’m Caroline and in the UK. I’m not exactly new here, I’ve been hanging around for months, reading a few posts and stuff. I’m currently having an 18 month long flare up which is making it really hard to function. About 12 years ago this wouldn’t have been a major problem but these days I work full time as a teacher. I’m the only one in my family who’s been well enough to work and what with covid and stuff and we have a lot of debt so I’m struggling along trying to do my best at work, while home descends into a filthy, cluttered hole.
I’m lucky that I have friends who understand how I feel, but I’ll be honest, before this current flare it has been over 15 years since I’d had one and I can’t get used to the permanent exhaustion. It’s really getting me down 😢 #fibroflare #SpoonieProblems #Working


Medication helps

I haven't had many episodes lately. I haven't had a drink for 25 years and stopped using cannabis 2 years ago. I have occasional problems with smoking ciga and eating too much sugar or crap food. However I find exercise and helping others one of the greatest ways to solve my Bipolar symptoms. #altruism #Working for others #experience is Gold #we not I


How do you balance life, work, and fibromyalgia? #Fibromyalgia #Working

I’m a seamstress doing two part-time jobs with a fairly new (6mos ago) diagnosis. I do my one part time job that’s a steady paycheck, come home tired and not able to do anything else. On weekends or days that I don’t work outside the house, I work on my parttime home sewing business. I also have a 3rd part time job just taking care of myself….cooking, washing clothes, going to PT, going to a counselor for depression, going to dietitian for weight loss and special dietary needs, and other doctors. Not to mention the sleep and rest needed to take care of myself.

Forget about cleaning the house. I order from instacart for groceries and have them delivered and sometimes putting away the groceries is a difficult task.

I feel so guilty calling off of work because of my low energy that I feel that’s better if I don’t work at all.

My question to you today is….how do you balance life and work?

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Working with fibromyalgia

So, I’m having a really bad day today. I have a part time job sewing table cloths 4-5 hours a day depending on how I feel, 5 days per week. This morning I had to call in to tell them I was coming in one hour later bc I needed more sleep.

At home, I have an art quilting business that I don’t want to give up, it’s hard to make money at it continuously, and it’s what I totally enjoy to do. Just so you have that background information.

All the while I sewed at work today, I was thinking that I really wanted to be home and sewing in my basement. When I come home from my part time job, im exhausted and/or have to cook so I can eat bc im on a special diet. I have not worked in my basement and really miss being down there. So much!!! I haven’t had the energy to clean my basement, or complete the quilt that im working on as a job (thank God that this customer is very patient).

The other thing that I continue to think about is if/when is my boss going to get fed up with dealing with me bc im sick a lot and cannot work the full time job, and always complaining that I cannot lift boxes, fold the tablecloths bc Im hurting and not feeling well.

Yet, if I quit my part time job and focus on my art quilting business, there will be a lot of people disappointed in me bc im not making steady money.

This lead me to think, “How do other people with chronic pain and fatigue deal with their work and disease?” So, if you could, please share with me how you handle this situation. #Working #Fibromyalgia #Depression #workfromhome #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue

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Exhausted from working hours at the moving company aren’t consistent enough

It’s after 2am I’m working an extremely rare night shift at my weekend job it’s a Security company that handles several contracts thank God they love me because I’m kinda panicking a bit let me explain BPD causes me to do some pretty stupid shit like buying things I really don’t need like I have all the $$$ in the world I’m learning to get a handle on it but it still does damage I’m moving next month and we are literally swimming in bills I’m working like a manic to cover half the rent for next month plus car insurance and rent for the new place my check I just got today went to paying the mechanic to fix my truck just barely covered it I’m working the moving company when they need me I get a text the day before it’s annoying very difficult to plan things out I’m door dashing and working my weekend security job kinda hoping this hospital job pans out 3 12 hr shifts and 4 hr training shift per week paid lunch and full hospital benefits plus my 403b should roll over I’ve been working torwards this for over a year before we even moved here I bust my ass to provide for my family I didn’t ask for any of this shit that was given to me I’m taking ownership though I cannot change things in the past the only thing I can do is take one day at a time put the work in and keep pushing forward my wife told me today she’s seen a huge change this week and I haven’t even started therapy yet I have to find the keep the momentum going really just need a solid break

#Working for change #Cant change my past but I can shape my future #heres to my new beginning #I Choose life #Fuckbpd



I can not work can not bring myself to work to earn money to pay the bills I just need to stop and think 🤔 my
Mind is just like Jekyll and Hyde