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What’s wrong with me? Can anyone relate?

I know this is so random but earlier I unplugged my hoover from the wall socket and it had somehow broken away leaving a strange hole in the socket face. We didn’t know how it had happened but I was so overwhelmed bu how it looked, I physically couldn’t look at it and honestly even thinking about it now is making me feel so uncomfortable. I can’t stop thinking about it though… it’s like an intrusive thought playing over and over in my head and I feel this awful overwhelming “icky” uncomfortable feeling. There’s also a tiny niggle to go and look at it again to maybe show my brain it’s not so bad or see if it affects me in the same way but honestly the thought if it just makes me shudder.. has anyone else experienced this kind of thing or have any ideas what I am describing? How do I stop thinking about it? I hate that it’s there in my living room..! I feel so weird??!! I’ve heard of trypophobia and wonder if it’s like that?? When I was a child I remember I had a similar feeling when seeing holes in kidney beans made by weevils so think maybe it’s that but this plug socket today wasn’t a perfect circle or repeated pattern but I genuinely feel such an intense sense of disgust. Wtf??

#Anxiety #AnxietyDisorder #trypophobia #mentaldisorder #obsessivecomplusivedisorder #OCD #Fear #disgust #IntrusiveThoughts #aversion #Depression #PanicDisorder

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Feeling stuck

I’m not really sure how to do this but I’m in need of people who understand. I have anxiety, mild depression that shows up at the worst times, a little insomnia. I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault, and while I have been seeing a therapist that has recently had to change due to a move in office location and by schedule with school and work. I struggle with commitment and intimacy, and have strong aversions to sexual related content, but have recently started dating a really great guy. I still feel unprepared and worried that I’m still too broken to get this right. Mainly looking for help and encouragement and am so happy to have found this community! #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #SexualAbuse #aversion