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What’s wrong with me? Can anyone relate?

I know this is so random but earlier I unplugged my hoover from the wall socket and it had somehow broken away leaving a strange hole in the socket face. We didn’t know how it had happened but I was so overwhelmed bu how it looked, I physically couldn’t look at it and honestly even thinking about it now is making me feel so uncomfortable. I can’t stop thinking about it though… it’s like an intrusive thought playing over and over in my head and I feel this awful overwhelming “icky” uncomfortable feeling. There’s also a tiny niggle to go and look at it again to maybe show my brain it’s not so bad or see if it affects me in the same way but honestly the thought if it just makes me shudder.. has anyone else experienced this kind of thing or have any ideas what I am describing? How do I stop thinking about it? I hate that it’s there in my living room..! I feel so weird??!! I’ve heard of trypophobia and wonder if it’s like that?? When I was a child I remember I had a similar feeling when seeing holes in kidney beans made by weevils so think maybe it’s that but this plug socket today wasn’t a perfect circle or repeated pattern but I genuinely feel such an intense sense of disgust. Wtf??

#Anxiety #AnxietyDisorder #trypophobia #mentaldisorder #obsessivecomplusivedisorder #OCD #Fear #disgust #IntrusiveThoughts #aversion #Depression #PanicDisorder

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As an adult woman do you approve of your mom taking advantage emotionally of your brother knowing that he's a momma's boy?

Have you tried educating your brother of what your mom is still doing to him emotionally since he is a grown man now? Our opinion, even if your brother is stubborn, we feel it is your obligation to stop your narcissistic mom from ruining your brother's life, our opinion only. Asking for your opinion on this subject? Do you feel your brother is your mom's surrogate husband/spouse) Does your dad know or care that your mom is doing this? Has your dad attempted to educate your brother? Have you tried to find a counselor/therapist that can help your brother out of this situation? #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #ADHD #Autism #OCD #BipolarDisorder #Depression #mentaldisorder


Why do I feel so lonely when I live in a major city with lots of people?

Remember loneliness starts within. Do other people see you as a boring person? Boring people are in most cases lonely people mainly because no one wants to hang out with you because you're not the life of the party. So, here's the key you don't have to be a wild person to be an interesting person. Let's start with confidence and respecting yourself. If you do this other will respect, you the same. And be open to change, not to the extreme but to the point of that you allow other people in your world. You don't have to drink in bars with people or go to clubs just to be interesting. You can visit art museums and galleries and meet people that way. Go to a fancy restaurant and be a regular when you treat yourself you feel confident about who you are as a person, this will build character and you will attract the right friends when you do this vs. the wrong friends that want to have fun without taking responsibility for all their actions. Try getting a new wardrobe nothing fancy just close that match in color and clothes that fit properly not to tight you don't want to invite the wrong people. Please don't jump into a quick relationship, remember you are worth waiting for so take the relationship very slow rather it's a friend that you will keep as a friend or it's a relationship that will end up in marriage. #BPD #ubpd #mentaldisorder #Bpdways

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Thought of the Day Wednesday December 28th

You may have been through a horrible relationship and wish it wouldn't have ended. Your torn and regret you allowed the arguments to ever go so wrong. Now your alone, miserable and lonely. Why are you harping on a relationship you can't fix, it's time find out who you really are as a person and start that next chapter in your life, since the relationship ended so terribly give yourself some you time. Don't date for 3 - 6 months and emotionally restore yourself to a point that you can be a support system for a new friend and a new relationship. Let your old ways go because if the relationship didn't last then you can take a class 101. Learn from your mistakes, start a journal on what you contributed to the terrible breakup. When you start a new relationship reflect back on that journal on what not to do. #BPD #ubpd #mentaldisorder #Bpdways

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What are your hobbies? How do you keep yourself distracted from just focusing on your mental illness?

Serves as a Distraction #ubpd #Bpdways #MentalIllness #mentaldisorder

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Do you get along with all your co-workers? How are you treated by your co-workers? How does your manager treat you?

Do your co-workers know about your mental illness? Did you not tell them on purpose or it just slipped your mind? #BPD #ubpd #Bpdways #mentaldisorder


Have you ever felt like everyone is just staring at you for no good reason?

Why are people so afraid of me? I can't help that I have a mental illness, I treat everyone with respect. I just act a bit different from everyone else I have no control over my characteristics. #ubpd #Bpdways #mentaldisorder

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What does is feel like to walk in your shoes. We want to know what it's like living with your mental illness, daily from your perspective?

How you deal with your mental illness daily. #BPD #ADHD #Autism #ubpd #Bpdways #mentaldisorder

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Do you avoid using mirrors? Why do you avoid using mirrors?

You may have body dysmorphic disorder, or you may have another mental illness that is causing this to happen. #ubpd #Bpdways #mentaldisorder #BodyDysmorphicDisorder

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Do you get on each other's nerves to the point of thinking about divorcing the other person, due to the person having a mental illness of because of your mental illness, too much to bear.

Choose one
559 days left
Yes, it has / I can't stand my spouse sometimes
It's never went that far / I love my spouse
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