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Everyone is different & the smart ones are the ones getting help. Maybe we aren’t the ones with the disabilities. We just talk about it & get help.

I think everyone has a disability of some kind. But we are the intelligent ones talking about it & getting the help we need. What about the rest of the world? The silent ones? Do you think they are perfect & have nothing wrong with them? Sure. I think they just hide their problems, illnesses & disabilities and they are the quiet ones watching us enviously as we fight to get the help we need. No matter what others may think of us. The others are hiding in shame as they realize they really aren’t perfect after all but would never admit it out loud. They continue to exist & keep their problems to themselves & all the while they are getting worse alone, no courage to speak the unforgivable words that they just might not be so perfect after all. We are the smart ones & keep fighting til the end. We have a voice and everyone can hear it and wish that they had the same strength and a voice of their own. LOVE TO YOU ALL! Jeri ♥️. #fightforyourlife #livinglife #useurvoice #beheard #Disabilities #Abilities #einstein #toomanybrains #harddriveisfull #invisibledisabilities #Bipolar #PTSD #Epilepsy #TBI #BUYPOLAR

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#itsyourtime #speakup #beyourownvoice #beheard #youarethechange #traumasurviviors #beloud

We are too often told not to speak. At first we can't, and when we're ready, no-one is willing to listen.
But that is changing and unless we speak out about the consequences of abuse and trauma, things will never change.



You may feel like no one could possibly understand how deeply you're hurting. Or how hard life can get at times living with #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Depression and #Anxiety and I'm here to tell you that you are right...there isn't no ONE...there's a WHOLE TRIBE behind you, that has been there too. How do I know? #ivebeentheretoo #justreachout #cryout #screamout #beheard