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The Ways Judy Heumann Impacted the Disability Rights Movement

• "Judy Heumann, called the "mother of disability rights" passed away at the age of 75 onMarch 4th. Heumann famously said
"I want to see feisty disabled people change the world."
• "Judy was the first teacher who used a wheelchair in New York City.
Judy fought for the rights of disabled school teacher, suing the local school board of education. This is a huge step not only for public school teachers but for all professions everywhere. Disabled people deserve to be in every occupation in every level of leadership."
• "Judy changed the landscape for disability & employment laws.
Judy was the first teacher who used a wheelchair in New York City. Judy sued the local school board of education when they didn't allow her to teach in her chair.
This is a huge step not only for public school teachers but for all professions everywhere. Disabled people deserve to be in every occupation in every level of leadership. Judy set a precedent.”
• “Judy worked on a federal level to make sure disabled people had equal benefits and opportunities at work.
Judy organized a 10-city protest to encourage President Nixon to sign the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504). This act ensures that individuals with disabilities will have equal opportunities and benefits in the workplace.”
• “Judy revolutionized equal access to education. Judy helped develop legislation that became the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA makes sure that students with a disability receive a Free Appropriate Education, which is designed to meet their needs."
• "Judy worked towards independence for disabled people Judy co-founded the World Institute on Disability in 1983. The World Institute on Disability is dedicated to helping disabled people live as independently as possible.
• "Judy Heumann's tireless efforts, protest and constant work helped establish the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that protects disabled people against discrimination in all areas of life."
• “Thank you Judy. Rest in Power.
We will not forget the work you did to change disability rights forever." ##Disability #disabilitycommunity
#DisabilitylsDiversity #disabilityawareness
#DisabilityAdvocate #disabilitysolidarity #DisabilityReframed #disabilitysupport
#inclusionmatters #Inclusion
#InclusionRevolution #ChooseTolnclude
#accessible #AccessibilityForAll
#disabledaccess #AccessibilityMatters
#accessforall #Disabled
#RememberingJudyHeumann #ripjudyheumann #RIPJudy
#judyheumann #Activism

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Playing The Devil's Advocate When Talking About Able-Bodied People Dressing Up As Disabled People For Halloween

In one of my previous opinion pieces I stated that people should not dress up as a disabled person during Halloween. Sometimes people dress up as disabled historical figures and don’t even realize it (and it isn’t even their own fault to some extent). That is because some famous people with invisible disabilities have done a good job of hiding their disabilities, thus giving the illusion that they are not disabled. This is where I think we shouldn’t criticize people for dressing up as historical figures that have a disability. One rule of thumb I go by is “If this person was able to get to where they are without support programs for those with their disability, would they still be successful?”. Another rule of thumb is asking,” When can you use person-first language to describe the person and also have no descriptors change”, that is the time when it is ok to not criticize others who dress up as a historical figure with a disability for Halloween. If at least 10% of all adults have an invisible disability, you are likely to find a handful of people dressed up as historical figures with learning disabilities at any Halloween event.

Whenever people talk about Elton John, Edward Snowden, and Julius Caesar, all epileptics, their disability is almost never mentioned in the conversations about them. One could call Greta Thunberg an activist instead of an autistic activist: since anyone can memorize the amount of CO2 a sweatshop produces. One thing people in the United States don't talk about when mentioning Greta’s rise to fame and success is that she is a “nepotism baby”, even though she attributes her success to her autism. Also Elton John’s, Edward Snowden's, and Julius Caesar's epilepsy didn't get in the way of them doing their work at the height of their careers. Almost all the people dressing up as Greta Thunberg, Julius Caesar, Elton John and Edward Snowden aren't doing so to mock disabilities. In their context, those people are dressing up as famous influencers whose achievements define them more than their disability.

However, unlike the celebrities above, you cannot separate Helen Keller from her disability while having a conversation about her. If Helen Keller didn't have a disability she would just be known as a woman with a university degree. You also cannot separate Temple Grandin from her autism when talking about her, as her autism has played a huge role in her inventions. If Temple Grandin didn't have autism, she might have just been a veterinarian instead of someone who revolutionized the way livestock are treated and cared for.

Another problem within the Halloween costume debate is when able-bodied people treat adaptive equipment like accessories. I've heard of stories of “emotional support peacocks” and “emotional support pigs” pooping on planes, which can lead to people questioning the legitimacy of actual guide dogs. People who need adaptive equipment to do regular tasks is another situation when a person can't separate themselves from their disability, even if they are able to hold a regular job. An example is Walter White Jr from Breaking Bad. Despite the fact that his personality has a bigger influence than his physical disability in terms of his relationships with other people, he couldn't do every day tasks without his adaptive equipment.












When the Family Scapegoat Is Dying

My family is treating me like a vulnerable narcissist with Munchausen Syndrome...even those who are Emergency Medical Technicians. To be clear, I have been on Social Security Disability Insurance since 2002. My family assumes this is because of mental illness; although, no one ever asked.

My disability was based upon both physical and mental health issues...a chronic pain disorder; which, causes mental distress. Since being granted SSDI, I have had one or more diagnoses added to my chart after every single one of my Medicare annual exams. Most of these diagnoses are considered disabling according to the Social Security Administration.

Over the years, unlike family members, no one ever saw me posting on Social Media every time I received a new diagnosis, when I had a medical procedure, when I had surgery, every ER visit, etc. I was never posting pleas for prayers pending outcomes of labs, imaging, or having a high risk surgery. I never posted how many times I almost died.

The only time I made a FB post about my health, until now, was when I was rigged up for outpatient EEG monitoring. I posted it with pictures because I looked hilariously pathetic. The photos went along with the story of riding the bus in this condition and the shocked reactions of the passengers. I posted this comical story in an attempt to make light of the situation and put a positive spin on it.

The only reason I'm posting about this current life-threatening illness is: !) The pathogen I am infected with is resistant to all known remedies and I'm scared 2) I am angry at the utter lack of compassion by my entire family--family of origin, adult children, and extended family.

There are many articles about when a Narcissist is aging and has failing health. Where are the articles about when the family Scapegoat is dying?

#narcissisticfamily #FamilyScapegoat #invisibledisabilities #elderabuse #lifethreateningillness

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Everyone is different & the smart ones are the ones getting help. Maybe we aren’t the ones with the disabilities. We just talk about it & get help.

I think everyone has a disability of some kind. But we are the intelligent ones talking about it & getting the help we need. What about the rest of the world? The silent ones? Do you think they are perfect & have nothing wrong with them? Sure. I think they just hide their problems, illnesses & disabilities and they are the quiet ones watching us enviously as we fight to get the help we need. No matter what others may think of us. The others are hiding in shame as they realize they really aren’t perfect after all but would never admit it out loud. They continue to exist & keep their problems to themselves & all the while they are getting worse alone, no courage to speak the unforgivable words that they just might not be so perfect after all. We are the smart ones & keep fighting til the end. We have a voice and everyone can hear it and wish that they had the same strength and a voice of their own. LOVE TO YOU ALL! Jeri ♥️. #fightforyourlife #livinglife #useurvoice #beheard #Disabilities #Abilities #einstein #toomanybrains #harddriveisfull #invisibledisabilities #Bipolar #PTSD #Epilepsy #TBI #BUYPOLAR

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Why Am I Having Anxiety Attacks On and Off...

...about ending up back in the psych ward again? I'm having zero suicidal or homicidal thoughts, and zero self-harming behaviors, yet I'm still so paranoid! I'm having anxiety right now AGAIN over this. Why??!!! It's completely ridiculous! Although I have to say I do hate myself right now for being so ridiculously anxious!

#GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #AnxietyAttacks #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #PTSD #MentalHealth #Disabled #invisibledisabilities

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New to The Mighty

Hey y'all, I'm pretty new to The Mighty, so let me introduce myself.

I'm an 18-year-old girl living with multiple invisible disabilities, including BPD, GAD, non-combat PTSD, bipolar type schizoaffective, Asperger's, hypoglycemia, bulimia, and asthma. Yeah, I know, that's a lot.

I'm currently undergoing ECT, as well as talk therapy. I'm also on my way to a residential facility. I will be there by the end of April.

I have a fully owner trained multipurpose service dog that helps me with my conditions (psychiatric alert and response, autism assistance, and medical alert and response). She's a rescue Pit Bull. She's task trained and public access trained, so she gets to go everywhere with me, including to my high school (I'm a senior). She has literally saved my life before from my own hands during suicide attempts.

Unfortunately, so many people don't believe me. They think I'm just "faking it", "acting out for attention", or my "service dog is fake", etc. If only they could live one day inside my body, they would see...

I personally don't understand how anyone could think someone trying to kill or otherwise hurt themselves is just "faking it" or "acting out for attention", but that's another story...

Anyways, enjoy a cute pic of my dog :).

#ServiceDog #Aspergers   #Autism   #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder   #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder   #PTSD   #SchizoaffectiveDisorder   #Hypoglycemia   #Asthma   #invisibledisabilities #BulimiaNervosa


Just need someone to hear me and understand

I am sitting in my chair at the house with my loving loyal dogs with tears streaming down my face. I don’t think I even can explain all the emotions I am feelingrifht now. I am just home from another doctor appointment who was very pleased with themselves when they told me (one of so many) how healthy I am and how fortunate I am because all of their tests and questions lead to finding nothing. I am happy yet also furious. No one wants to help me figure out what’s going on with me. Just tell me to exercise more and things would be oh so much better. I have had the same basic symptoms come and go for 10+ years with the last 2 years getting so bad I have had to give up teaching and wasn’t even able to do it part time or anything else I trieed. Physically and mentally, I guess I just feel broken. The symptoms get worse and new ones add on. And I am so emotionally exhausted from the pain and the fact that I can’t do the things I want to that I am constantly angry at the people around me and feel worthless. I am seeing a therapist but haven’t found one who’s been able to help me cope with this part of my depression. My family loves me and provides the only support they k ow how. But I can’t take another well that’s wonderful they didn’t find anything wrong. I am screaming silently with frustration and pain and the agony of people’s expectations of me because everything’s “ok” me you look great this is the first time I posted and This is probably rambling but I just needed to get some of this out of me. Thanks for listening to my rant.
#Not understood