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Thinking About The Season Ahead

🎭 Hello!

I am a blend of emotions this past week, but I am doing better. I have slacked on my classwork for my University studies. I pray that I can make it through without struggling too much. I seriously need help to make it through this class because of how difficult my emotions have been. I believe it's #hormonal but I am confident that I am going to be OK.

I am curious about you guys though, how are you?!


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Thankful #Grattitude #iamalive

I realized now that I have been wasting my life on self-loathing, falling into the dark hole I have created and staying there.

Then I had a “Wake up moment” a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read my last post I was hospitalized for 7 days for attempting suicide. Ever since I turned my life around 180. Each & every single day I find something to be thankful for. I only chase after the positive side of life.

I remind myself that life isn’t so bad after all. I’m happy I have a family & friends that love me unconditionally. Grateful to have a job, roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back & a dog who I love so much.

Without my struggle I wouldn’t be what I am today. I put my past behind me, learned from it & only move forward. I am strong, resilient and I breathe gratitude.

So you see it’s not too late to change. Do it while you’re still breathing! #bethankful #loveyourself


A Walk Is Different Every Day

Walks we love become familiar,
Walks we do every day,
Some people ask, ‘don't you get bored? "I always reply, "No way!
"The terrain will change from day to day,
One day hard with frost, next, like slush or quicksand underfoot.
The light is never the same.
Long shadows, short shadows, Bright then dark.
If it is dark then light is nearby,
The light emerges once again.
The trees meet in the middle forming a tunnel,
The light spirals through the gaps making shapes to admire.
The dog runs and slips, jumps and barks, He runs back for treats, then goes again.
Trains rattle past, on mainline and branch,
The light reflects from their windows,
Do those onboard see the beauty that I do around me?
Yes I've walked this way before, And will again, more and more.
The old Canal is full with life, No boats remain but nature thrives!
So although a walk may seem the same, It never is, it always changes.
No walk is ever the same, Look out for new things, time and again.

#MightyPoets #BipolarDisorder #natureheals #bethankful