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Was having a tough day but I went out for a long walk and saw loads of nice flowers, trees and birds. I was able to be present and my mood improved.

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Managing my mental health is a daily priority. I try to fit some #naturetime into my day, as I find it’s very grounding. Really connecting with nature. I find it easiest to practice mindfulness when in nature.

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Double Rainbow

After hibernating for 2 days I managed to get out for a walk today and I saw this fleeting yet stunning double rainbow.
#RAINBOWS #Nature #Naturephotography #natureheals #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #MentalHealth


A Walk Is Different Every Day

Walks we love become familiar,
Walks we do every day,
Some people ask, ‘don't you get bored? "I always reply, "No way!
"The terrain will change from day to day,
One day hard with frost, next, like slush or quicksand underfoot.
The light is never the same.
Long shadows, short shadows, Bright then dark.
If it is dark then light is nearby,
The light emerges once again.
The trees meet in the middle forming a tunnel,
The light spirals through the gaps making shapes to admire.
The dog runs and slips, jumps and barks, He runs back for treats, then goes again.
Trains rattle past, on mainline and branch,
The light reflects from their windows,
Do those onboard see the beauty that I do around me?
Yes I've walked this way before, And will again, more and more.
The old Canal is full with life, No boats remain but nature thrives!
So although a walk may seem the same, It never is, it always changes.
No walk is ever the same, Look out for new things, time and again.

#MightyPoets #BipolarDisorder #natureheals #bethankful

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Beauty #natureheals

I read that looking at beauty in nature is good for the soul. I believe beauty is a gift to lift our spirits. This little flower keeps blooming despite the cold, on my deck in Canada.❤️

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#natureheals #movement

Suffering with #Depression and #Anxiety this is a big one and took an entire day to muster up the strength to get off my bed and out of the house with my kids, partner and dogs. #Outdoors #FreshAir #Walking

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Spending time in nature is both relaxing and deeply healing.

It can provide some much needed nourishment for the mind, body and soul! Nature can help us to feel revitalised, and often helps provide us with a fresh perspective when we feel a bit stuck in a situation or negative mindset.
Unfortunately in today’s modern world, we often fail to spend time in nature due to an increasing amount of time spent indoors – often in front of screens. As technology continues to progress, it is very easy to get caught up in this ‘cyber world’ as we become addicted to our tablets and mobile phones.
Also, when living with a chronic illness it’s not always that easy to get outdoors. Just getting out of bed can use up a huge amount of energy, so getting out of the house can be a step too far on some days. However, on the ‘better’ days, I find that spending time outside in nature has a positive effect on how I feel.
Getting outdoors allows us to take a break from the monotony of living with chronic illness, as well as slowing down our busy minds. Paying attention to beautiful things such as pretty flowers or a clear blue sky can be incredibly calming.
From my own personal experience in living with a chronic illness, I have found that spending time in nature has helped to ease painful sensations in my body and calm my mind. Rather than focusing on what is wrong or feeling helpless and frustrated by my situation, it has helped me to refocus my attention on all the wonderful things we so often take for granted.
Often we find our minds are elsewhere thinking about all sorts of other things. Also, when our bodies are in pain or our mood is low it can be really hard to switch off from all of this.
Something I have found helpful when learning to switch off and “connect” with nature is to tune in to your senses – so paying attention to what you can see, smell, hear, and touch.This can really help you to be mindful and to start appreciating what is going on around you. Simple things will make a difference, such as noticing all the colours you can see as you look around at the flowers, plants, trees and sky; listening to the sound of the birds singing; touching the leaves on the trees; and even taking time to smell the flowers.
When I first became ill with Addisons Disease, Chiari, POTS, Brain/CNS Tumors, Diabetes, Livedo Reticularis, Migrains, Chronic Fatigue and pain (and I was forced to slow down), it really occurred to me just how much I’d been caught up in the busyness of modern day life – by living life on a my feet working two full time jobs without really noticing what was going on around me. My illness has forced me to slow down. #NotDoneYet #natureheals